What If Reigns was like this the whole time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 15, 2016.

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  1. Last night we saw Reigns go nuts again on Hunter, should Roman just beat the shit out of people all the time up to mania if WWE wants the crowd to give him a chance? If they make him do this, then he should lose the bulletproof vest, walk through the entry way and stop smiling.
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  2. Agreed. Roman should be more like an early Kane or Taker. Big, intimidating, and quiet.
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  3. He's not even that big for WWE standards is he? He's billed at 6"3 which puts him shorter than Ambrose from a billed height pov.

    He's in a weird spot where he's big not big enough to be really booked as a hulking monster.
  4. He's bigger than most of the roster though. And not just by height, but overall built. The roster is full of littler dudes now since everyone isn't on roids
  5. It's weird but I never got that vibe from him, they present him that way at times but it never really fits IMO. They tried to build him as a Cena style powerhouse for example but Cena seems to carry a lot more muscle. I'm sure you're right and he is bigger from a frame pov but it just doesn't seem to really translate.
  6. That's why they call him the BIG dog :reigns:
  7. I'd have nothing against Reigns losing his Shield attire and music.

    Well, I guess WWE could try and have Reigns beat up both heels and faces the next 2 weeks., but I'm not sure if it'll actually work and get RR cheered more.
  8. They should start this off with him cutting a promo saying that he was out of action due to his nose surgery and not Hunter's beatdown and say he's not finished yet with beating the shit out of him and wants his to come out so he can claw the staples out of his head. Then I guess Steph comes out puts Roman in a match against Sheamus and Roman wins and beat the shit out of him and the rest of the league. No smiling, he would scream "get the fuck away!" to the refs and proceed to go all animal on them.
  9. They should dress Roman up as a Super Hero in Training
  10. He should look like this more
    Show Spoiler
    nothing says badass then this
  11. Breaking news, Vince: Everyone loves to see the 260 pound Samoan behemoth beat a dude's ass.
  12. It's not like the crowd reacted positively to him when he did it. Quite opposite.
  13. He's badass when he fucks people up. He was cool in The Shield when he did it too. WWE needs to stop giving him stupid scripts to read.
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