What IF Ric Flair NEVER get fired from WCW/NWA!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. What IF Ric Flair NEVER get fired from WCW/NWA!? Ok we all know that Ric Flar got fire from WCW dude to new priesdent of WCW at that time. But what have been if he stay there and never get fired? How different if the WWF at that time? Since he Flair never get fired from WCW that would mean he never wins the WWF Champion 2 times. So what have been then? Hogan was Champion at the time Flair come to the WWF but then shortly after lose is to Undertaker at the 1991 S.Seris. Ownly for Taker todrop it a week later back Hogan and then Hogan after the match was stipped of the title dude to infeard this lead to Flair winning the WWF Title at the Royal Rumble Match, but if Flair never come to WWF that does have been so what do u think WWF does with the WWF Title at that time? Does Undertaker keep title longer? As Undertaker was a heel at that time. So what do u think!? Though.​

  2. It wouldn't have had a big impact on WWF, honestly. It would have changed late 1991 and a lot of 1992 but by the time he left, it almost felt like he was never there. A big part of the reason he left was because he didn't like his position on the card (Vince was gonna use him more in the midcard.)

    Without Flair, perhaps Hogan/Undertaker is dragged out to Wrestlemania in the big 1991 Survivor Series 1991 rematch, though it being for the world title is questionable since Hogan was leaving afterwards. Maybe they would have brought back Warrior earlier to have the face/face match with Savage that they had later at Summerslam 1992, maybe Hogan beats Undertaker for the title and then forfeits the title by saying he has to go away for a little awhile (this would have been odd since it makes him fighting for the belt in the first place pointless) or maybe Hogan could be talked into staying a little longer after Wrestlemania and dropping the title to someone around the summer or something.
  3. I could see it having an effect on the streak tbh, if Hogan heads up with Taker I don't see him going over.
  4. It's always interesting to see how much people love to hate on Randy, then he makes threads like this. If you stuck to this kind of posting, you would make BITW even with the incoherent use of words/letters to make your paragrahs.

    I'm going to go for the safe bet and agree with Lockhard, that dude is quality and usually on point. Really, who knows? I am glad things went how they did, those were the days of quality wwe/wcw
  5. I didn't even think of it that way for some reason. :cornette:
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