What IF Rob Van Dam does NOT get Suspended from WWE in 2006!?

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  1. What IF Rob Van Dam does NOT get Suspended from WWE in 2006!? Ok so we all know that RVD got Suspended and SRCEW his WWE/ECW TITLE Push that he had going at that time. At WM22 he had won MITB and was the REALLY 1st guy to cash in with the Champion knowing ahead of time. And he won the WWE Title at ECW One Night Stand 2006 (may I add if you have NOT seen that PPV GET THE DVD 5 Stars PPV) and then the 1st night of ECW on TV was Awarded the ECW Title! There are a lot of thing and roomer that people say would have been. 1 being John Cena (PG BITCH)? Was going to join ECW? Another being RVD was going to have ALONG TITLE RUN AS BOTH WWE AND ECW CHAMPION! So what do you all think would have been? Whould RVD still be with WWE now? Could have become a Main Eventer? Thoughs?​

  2. He would have lost the WWE Title back quickly afterwards anyway. Probably about the same time that he did. Winning the WWE Title was just a way to create buzz for the newly revived ECW brand and show that RVD is it's biggest star by having him go over Cena in the old Hammerstein Ballroom. He would have gotten a much longer reign as ECW Champion, though.
  3. I do think he would have had the WWE Title longer then 22 days. Maybe he would lose it at same point but NOT THAT SHORT! I would love to see this ECW Storyline everyone roomer was going to have been with John Cena though?
  4. I agree with Ken. He would still have lost the title back to RAW at roughly the same time. Maybe he would have held it a week or two longer but I can't see him having held it for more than a month and a half tops. His ECW title reign would have been much longer though and probably helped his WWE legacy a lot.
  5. I don't think so he had beat Edge. And that had him wrestling at Saturday Night Main Event. And then it was cannel b/c he had to lose his title b/c of the Suspended.
  6. Rob was never big in the eyes of HHH and Vince though. Vince would not have let him hold the WWE title for long.
  7. I heard the plan was for him to have it long!
  8. I haven't read anything about a planned long push for RVD. It could have been interesting but I don't see what could have come from it really.
  9. Kevin, not Ken. :rock:

    I remember thinking at the time that RVD would destroy the spinner belt as his way of introducing the ECW World Title onto the show. Would have also been full circle as far as history goes, because that's how Shane Douglas introduced the ECW World Title (by throwing down the NWA World Championship) the first time around in 1995. I never would have thought the spinner belt would be around this long, since the smoking skull replica belt wasn't.
  10. Cena was sopost to join ECW and feud against RVD! that was plan heard was going to have been at the time?
  11. Source me Gohan.
  12. I really don't have and don't remember what web site I heard from it was a long time when I read it. So I can't say for sore which is why I ask if anyone heard about it in the thread?
  13. Irrelevant. He would have lost the titles, quit and gone to TNA anyway...
  14. Agree. Anyway, he's better in TNA imo
  15. i really don't belive that. but that just my take on it.
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