What if Rollins actually.......

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 9, 2015.

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  1. .......beats everyone at NOC? I'm talking Cena AND Sting AND Sheamus. All clean. Wouldn't that place him among the greats? I kind of doubt this will happen (hence the "what if" thread title) but damn I would mark my ass off. I'm sure @Prince Bálor would as well.

    How would you feel about it?

    And when's the last time someone won 3 matches in a single PPV? Has it ever happened (other than KoTR)? I'm just gonna tag @Lockard23 on that one. I would say the Bryan championship culmination was close as he beat HHH earlier in the night and then had to beat Orton and Batista in the same match. But not technically 3 separate matches.
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  2. I can definitely see Rollins walking out victorious with both championships, but I don't see him picking up three consecutive clean wins in a row. I'd be surprised if he even picked up one given how he's generally booked. Winning three matches clean in a row like that is one of the most babyface things that a babyface can do - Daniel Bryan did it against Jack Swagger, Cesaro and Ryback in a gauntlet match on Raw during the build to Summerslam '13 (Austin did the same thing in a gauntlet match against the Corporation on Raw in '99 as well), but Bryan was a pure, white-meat babyface who was out to prove that he could overcome any amount of odds, and that isn't Rollins' character at all, nor do I get any inkling that they're planning on turning Seth babyface anytime soon.

    No other examples of people winning three matches in one night pop to mind outside of tournament matches that happen all within the same night (King Of The Ring, Wrestling Classic, Wrestlemania 4, Survivor Series '98, etc.) However, it should at least be mentioned that Kurt Angle, as a heel, nearly pulled off this feat at KOTR 2001 and only failed to do so due to outside interference. He beat Christian in the semi-finals, had Edge beat in the finals before Shane McMahon cost him the match (which is odd considering Edge was the face here and Angle the heel... As a bit of trivia, Angle beating Edge would also made him a two-time KOTR winner, btw), and then beat Shane McMahon in a pretty hellacious street fight later in the night.
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  3. Eh, unless they want to set him up for a face run immediately after NoC I don't think this makes a lot of sense.
  4. I'll blow myself if Rollins retains clean against Cena and Sting, let alone a cash-in by Sheamus. :rollins3:

    But, that's just wishful thinking. Due to his chicken-shit heel booking, he'll prolly retain the titles via LOL. SHENANIGANS.
  5. lol stealing my blowing lines
  6. I would actually love if Rollins did this. But it won't happen. It's more probable that he will shatter punks title reign.
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  7. Not really. In a way, I was just reminding you that you said you'd blow me if Rollins retained the titles clean and then I followed it up with 'I'll blow myself.'
    All I can say is, there'll be a lotta blowing if Rollins retains clean. :rollins3:
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  8. All 3 CLEAN?! You'd see me mark out for sure
  9. Omg if he wins all three period I'll blow you
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  10. I can see him beating sting and sheamus at the same time due to a cash-in mid-match(in some sort of opportunistic fashion) but hell would freeze before he got over John cena clean. Even a valiant effort would tread the waters of a face-turn, and wwe doesn't seem to want that.
  11. I would love that. Then we can have title vs title w/ Owens (IC champ obviously).
  12. The company they supposedly ripped the dual champion story/gimmick from just had their guy retain both belts in one night.
    So I guess WWE just has to step up to the plate.
  13. spoilers :rollins2:
  14. God I hope so :rollins3:
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  15. Me, too.

    Also, overbooking for both WWE-WHC and the US title confirmed. But, hey, I don't give a toss as long as Rollins walks away with both titles. :dealwithit:
  16. Would it be cool? Hell yeah. But looking back in retrospect a couple of months or years later, everyone will realize that it was a horrible move.

    Overpushing a star has been known to kill heat, i.e Chris Jericho. Having him beat everyone from Ambrose to Cena to Lesnar, and have him hold both of the titles, only to have him beat Sting, Sheamus and Cena in one-night would be a horrible move.

    And then it would put him in the delicate situation as Lesnar, where no one can legit beat the guy in a clean fashion. Even if he's a heel.
  17. Unless WWE tries to switch it up from their biggest 'competitor' in North America and actually have Rollins lose one of the two matches, then I'd say he's pretty much a shoe-in to retain both titles.

    Beating Sting alone clean sounds reasonable, but Cena as well? I don't know. And that doesn't even involve Sheamus.

    Speaking of Sheamus though, here's a question. What if he cashed in on Rollins after he beats/loses to Cena, won, and then beat Sting? That'd be a firm way to truly propel him in a position in which we'd recogonoze him as the top guy. Instead of seeing him as just another guy who cashed in and got lucky. He's not a coward heel, but a dominant one. And that'd be believable after a night like that. Kinda grasping at straws on that one as well, though.
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