What If Someone Said "Dicklicker" On TV?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, May 11, 2014.

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  1. The word "dicklicker" has come up a few times during Jim Cornette shoot interviews that I've listened to, and I find it a hilarious insult. Can you imagine the positive crowd reaction if someone suddenly told another person to 'stop running their dicklicker' during a stand off promo between two men? I can't recall anyone ever calling someone a 'dick' on live television, but it seems if they can get away with calling someone an asshole or a bitch, then they can get away with calling them a dick. And if they can do that, then I wonder if on one special occasion, they could slip in 'dicklicker' as an insult (obviously in the last hour of the show.)

    I know GLADD would be super pissed since it's essentially saying someone sucks dick, and using that as an insult would constitute as an anti-gay slur in their eyes. WWE actually had to apologize to GLAAD when Cena insulted The Rock's manhood back in 2012, so I can only imagine they'd be in an uproar over this, but imo, it's worth them crying their crocodile tears if it means getting one funny insult and reaction out of it.
  2. :dawg: Well, sure. I had never heard this insult before, it's pretty funny. Do you remember which Cornette interview you heard it on? I've heard lots of them but never heard this particular term being utilized. It sounds very entertaining.

  3. Fast forward to 7:08. The whole rant on Lesnar is pretty funny and worth listening to. He talks about calling Brock a motherfucker back in OVW and threatening to shoot him and stuff lol. He also referred to Russo as a dicklicker from some shoot back in 2010.
  4. I don't see it being anything overbearing, it's not like calling some female a **** or anything outrageous. I get the PG business angle on it but if it was on anything outside of RAW, it's taped, right? SO they just have Cole or Lawler call the star on the word in more words, but JBL defends him and pretends it was a different word, and it dies within a week.

    LQ thread Lock.
  5. You are a shit eater.
  6. Shit, piss, fuck, ****, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.

    I'm pretty sure if "diclicker" came out, it would be a case of punishing the person who said it, and then we would have eight words we couldn't (shouldn't?) say on television. Oh, and sure the crowd would love it, as it would be "so edgy" (yeah.......because cussing is edgy), but it would still get knocked out on the seven-second delay.

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  7. I need to look up how curse words became curse words.... like, who made the decision that certain words are worse than others.

    Just words to me.
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  8. I'd be fine with it- but I swear like a sailor anyway.
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  9. Marked for the Carlin reference.

    What if they disguised it as another word?

    1: Can I borrow your lighter?
    2: No way you bic licker!

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  10. wk
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  11. I come back and see the absolute shittiest thread of all time.

    Fuck this, I'm out.
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  12. NOOOOOOOOOO :why:
  13. By Lockard of all people!

  14. :tough:

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  15. Bookmark the NFL thread biznitch we need you mofo.

    I'll say Dicklicker on TV all I want..
    Shit for $20 I'll call the guy a Chickenfucker!
  16. Lol Lockard killed D'Z
  17. It would be censored upon rebroadcasts/Smackdown etc, or even bleeped out on RAW as I believe it runs on a delay.

    They would then be warned/fined or something.
  18. It's a hilarious insult, but WWE would get a shit ton of accusations of being homophobe(not to mention the adults complaining about foul language) and other nonsense like that, so yeah, not good for business
  19. if someone said dicklicker the ratings would go up, by 0.000001
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