What IF Stone Cold had wrestle at WM2000 aka WM16!?

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  1. What IF Stone Cold had wrestle at WM2000 aka WM16!? Ok so we all the main event at WM2000 aka WM16 was Tagline: First Ever Fatal Four Way With HHH defend the WWE Champion against The Rock,Big Show, and Mick Foley, With all the McMahon at each wrestler side! Ok but what if Stone Cold was not injury and or was ready to go in time for WM16? Stone Cold was CLEARLY THE FACE OF WWE at that time! And I almost sore he would have wrestle at WM16 main event. So what do you think have been how different is WM16!? What does The Rock do? What have been in the main event at WM16? Does HHH still win? Or does Stone Cold win? What do you all think? Though.​

  2. What if...
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  3. It wouldn't surprise me if they did Austin / Rock / HHH tbh, I understand they wanted Foley to have a WM moment but that was a money feud. The current face of the E (SCSA) the biggest heel (HHH) and the future (Rock) all clashing would have drawn crazy buy rates. I'm not sure where Mick would fit in all honesty but that's another thought I cba to think up.
  4. No Big Show? Ok and who would have won?
  5. No Show yep, he wasn't on their level and always felt like filler in that match. Rock should have gone over both in reality and fantasy, his big wrestlemania win would have been the passing of the torch.
  6. Truth but he did not win the really thing. So if Stone Cold have been the match I got think it would been Stone Cold would won or HHH would have won. But we all know that this HHH winning was the gate way for WWE relzise that heel winning the the main event at WM! IS THE WRONG DEAISON!
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  7. This was my first WM so I'm very fond of this one!

    If Austin had wrestled then Foley would have retired properly at No Way Out. Big Show would have been in some kind of Number One contenders match against Kane instead of Kane being involved with Rikishi/2Cool/Pete Rose/Radicals and the Main Event would have been Rock/Austin/HHH with Vince as Special Ref.
  8. Austin would have turned heel on The Rock, ala Wrestlemania X-7 the following year.

    According to Kevin Kelly, that was the original plan. Rock's popularity was already starting to rival Austin's popularity by the summer and fall of 1999 and they were considering having Austin turn heel by siding with Vince as a way of passing on the torch of top baby face to The Rock. Austin telling them he had to leave soon for neck surgery changed plans, obviously. Of course, Big Show was also promised by Vince a Wrestlemania main event, just like Sid in 1992 (which was partially the reason Hogan/Flair didn't happen at WM8 like many felt it should of) so it may have still turned out to be a four way, but I doubt it.
  9. If he would wrestle, he would wrestle against someone, there's nothing else, the rest is simply a thing we don't know what would happen
  10. There no way Stone Cold would have turn heel at this time! It just was not needed at this time. HHH was over as a heel so that was no sense in doing that! If it have been a 3 way Stone Cold would either won as a face or HHH would have still won like that did in the really match. That could have had a ended much like Orton vs. HHH vs. Cena at WM24. Were Rock and Stone Cold were so moch over as face that everyone would though 1 off then would have won and then that have HHH win like Orton in 2008.
  11. Hi, i'm your future IWT champion, and i do not endorse this thread.

    I dont care about what if's. What if Bret Hart hadnt gotten the huge injury/hbk/owen hart dying?

    What if Scott Hall had stayed sober? Would he have been as popular? Would he still be wrestling?
  12. ^That's why what ifs are interesting, they can generate much discussion.

    It wasn't needed at WM17 either considering Rock leaving afterwards left them with no top baby face to counter Austin as a heel, but they still went with it.
  13. True but that had WCW and that whole angle to carry it until Rock came back. But I don't that would done it in 2000 b/c 1 WCW was still around 2 Stone Cold still had alot to prove to HHH who keep cheat out of the WWE Champion. I don't think VInce was ready at that time and WM17 was in Stone Cold home state to u forget WM16 it was not in his home state. It just would not be right time to do! dellaly if HHH was in the match since he was over as the top heel at that time. it would made no sesne.
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