What IF Stone Cold vs. Hulk Hoagn at WrestleMania X8 instead of The Rock!?

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  1. What IF Stone Cold vs. Hulk Hoagn at WrestleMania X8 instead of The Rock!?
    How different would have 2002 have been if this match have been!? Now we all know that Stone Cold was sopost to vs. Hogan at WMX8 but Stone Cold did not want to vs. him well alot that what heard from inveiw from old writer had said at that time. So The Rock took his place in them match. But What Stone Cold when along with the match!? We all know going into the match Rock was the face and Hogan Heel with the nWo. But fans still cheer for Hogan and boo The Rock! But this was b/c of him going into more of an actor. So if Stone Cold was wrestling Hogan the fans may have cheer more for Stone Cold vs. cheering for Hogan. Which Could have change WWE Created of thing for 2002. I mean that would make Hogan the WWE Champion at backlash of 2002 beating HHH! So if Stone Cold vs. Hoagn Stone Cold wins just like The Rock did. But Hogan and the nWo made have lasted longer as a team. And also could mean no Hogan getting 1 run as WWE Champion. Which could me Stone Cold would get the WWE Champion at Backlash of 2002 before losing it to Undertaker a month later. What do you all think!? Though?

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  3. Most likely the promos would be more entertaining, since I can see Stone Cold trying to run over Hogan with his truck or ATV, or even bringing out the beer truck. Of course the times when nWo was ganging up on Rock/Stone Cold, I could see these being quite the same. Also, more swearing, and I'm sure the fans would be half way, if not towards Austin more, in cheers. As for the match, I think it would be similar to Rock/Hogan.
  4. It wouldn't have really been any different. The build up would have been better, because Austin was always on the show and Rock had to leave for awhile to film something else or do promotion work or something, hence the silly "Rock in ambulance being run down by semi" segment to justify Rock's disappearance for the next few weeks. The match itself wouldn't have been any better (arguably worse, Rock and Hogan seemed to have better chemistry with each other and Austin was breaking down at that point) and Hogan still would have got the title the next month because of the fans cheering him over anyone else (even in that handicap match on Raw a week before WM18, the NWO were getting more cheers than Rock and Austin combined.)

    The reaction at WM would have been pretty much the same in Hogan's favor. It was in Toronto, which had always been known as the stronghold of the WWF. They respected Hogan and saw him as a legend 'returning home' so to speak (these were the same kind of passionate fans who saw him as a real life traitor for jumping to WCW years before.)
  5. Sounds like the IWC fans in general.
  6. Certainly would be different. I would imagine the promos would be better and maybe the match itself would be better.
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