What If The Booking Explanation Behind Cena's Absence...

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  1. ...is because Braun Strowman answers one of Cena's upcoming Open Challenges on Raw (imagine the expression on Cena's face when this big motherfucker comes out lol), soundly defeats him for the United States Title, and then punishes him so badly after the match that he puts him on the shelf? Then Cena returns late in the year and maybe eliminates Strowman from the Rumble in January and they build towards a Cena/Strowman match at next year's Wrestlemania and have Cena be the first man to overcome the monster and regain his championship back?

    Now just to clarify, I'm not a big advocate of the idea of feeding yet another undefeated monster heel to Cena AT ALL, and I especially think it would be more befitting for Reigns to conquer the monster instead (although they may decide they want to keep him undefeated past what is only his very first feud, and it's still debatable if the feud between Ambrose and Reigns and The Wyatt Family will continue past Hell In A Cell), but we all know the kind of opponents WWE loves to have Cena triumph over the most, and given this is how Cena has been booked at the past two Mania's, it may end up how he's booked again next year as well. Just throwing it out there as an idea, not necessarily as something I'd want to see personally.
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  2. Strowman is green as grass and I don't want him as the US champ, despite my dislike for Cena.

    Strowman is Roman's to conquer.
  3. I'll throw in Kevin Owens and Undertaker as possibilities as well (Watch closely to see how Undertaker is written off at HIAC).
    I also like the idea of Cena being knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant at the HIAC PPV.
    People will accuse Ziggler and even The New Day, but it would be Roman Reigns all along.
    If they go ahead with Roman taking out Strowman, they could build Reigns as the vigilante seeking justice against the New Day as well.
    With Reigns pointing fingers and the first in welcoming Cena back, it all leads to Reigns eventually turning on John Cena sometime after the Rumble.

    I like Strowman vs Roman at the Rumble but I also like Reigns taking out the New Day in a handicap match at TLC. This should build sufficient heat for his encounter with Cena.

    Edit: Lockard's story is an easier build, but would basically be the exact same storyline as last year. The 'Who done it?' storyline was done in 2009 and 2010 and could maybe resurrected this year.
  4. I hope that cena isn't the one to beat strowman as it would be too similar to the rusev ordeal. Also, reigns should be doing this if anyone. I like amfs ideas, but WWE isn't creative enough to do this.
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  5. Ya'll are correct in saying that it would be too similar to this year's angle with Rusev. In fact, it would pretty much be like combining his last two Wrestlemania programs into one - defeating an adversary who's yet to be defeated (Bray Wyatt, Rusev), who's also a member of the Wyatt Family (Bray) and who has possession of the United States Title (Rusev.) But it would still be a different opponent and a different feud. Plus Rusev never put Cena on the shelf like I'm suggesting Strowman could.

    Then again, you don't really need to configure the United States Championship into it. I'm only doing so because of the reports that Cena is taking time off soon, which has lead everyone to the safe assumption that he's either about to drop the title and/or sell some kind of injury for the next two months.

    On a separate note, I agree that Reigns or whoever else should be the first to conquer Strowman, and considering next year's show is being primed to be the biggest Wrestlemania of all time and Cena is still the biggest star in the company currently, he should be booked with an opponent that will make for a big marquee match, and not just an annual monster to overcome. Cena/Undertaker would be awesome.
  6. What gets me is why John Cena would take off time when it is not for an injury, his relationship, or family and say "it is for a good reason" and that everyone will see why when they know. He said (which could be cover up) that he other wrestlers don't even know.
  7. Or it could be Rikishi....doing it for the Ro....er....Roman.

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  8. Rikishi? Oh, shut up, you thong-wearing fatty! :rock:
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  9. Thong-tha-thong-thong-thong. :gusta:

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