What IF The Montreal Screwjob NEVER HAVE BEEN!?

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  1. What IF The Montreal Screwjob NEVER HAVE BEEN!? Ok we ALL know what have been! But what IFBReat and VInce came to agree to keep Breat on broad with WWE? Does he Keep the WWE Title until WM14? How does it effect HBK as HBK would not be WWE Champion if Bret keeps the Title so he could never injury his back at the Royal Rumble, so he could have been around longer rather then wait 5 years to see him wrestle again. And how does Breat career end then if he end his career in WWE which he said he alway want to do? When would retire from WWE? 1999? 2000 the year it ended in for him in WCW? And how would have it effect HHH? Or even Rock and Mick F.? Would that have become Champion if HBK was still around wrestling? What do you thing? Though please?​

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  3. :why: ?
  4. Hypothetically Brett Hart wouldn't have lost the title that night, and CM Punk would have never of got to the WWE. He would have become a major drug addict and died in 2004. The end.
  5. Bret was gonna drop the strap to Austin at WM14. After that, who knows. It's well known Bret hated the Attitude Era and might have ended up leaving eventually because of his disdain for it. If he wasn't gone by 1999 (the year of Crash TV, because Russo was given more control than ever), he would have been by the end of that year.
  6. OH HELL NO! and that a like of being asshole seruis! CM PUNK STRAIGHT EDGE! He was teenager when this have been! it would not effect CM Punk in anyway.
  7. What HBK!?
  8. Naw, i'm pretty sure he would have died
  9. :stfu: start being seruis now!
  10. He would have died of a drug overdose with his boyfriend. Just saying, that's exactly what would have happened. If you want to deny the facts, do so. I don't care.
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  11. Saying Punk would have died isn't cool even as a troll IMO, anyway I can't see Bret sticking around tbh he hated Russo I think and was too egotistical to allow himself not to be seen as the top man in the company.
  13. Not if the montreal screwjob never happened though. The course of history would have been altered. Thus, making Cm Punk a raging homosexual/drug addict.

    R.I.P. Hypothetical CM Punk
  14. Stupid hypothetical questions get stupid hypothetical responses. IMO
  15. He would have gotten a run against Austin for the title right away instead of 'corporate' Dude Love most likely, and then he would have dropped into the midcard with Triple H and the rest of the DX in their feud with the Nation. In my opinion, of course. HBK's drug problems were also flaring up big around this time and he likely would have ended up being sent home, just like he was at one particular event anyway (he was playing the role of commissioner in 1999 for a short time.)
  16. Disagree, I love hypotheticals and they can provoke discussions.
  17. :gtfo: U DUMB ASS TROLLER!
  18. Where do u think have been to HBK?
  19. You must REALLY hate what the wwe is doing with Paul Bearer though if you didn't like my hypothetical CM Punk scenerio. No disrespect was meant. Sorry if you took it that way.
  20. His back was pretty screwed I think so I see him going down a similar path, possibly feuding with one of the Harts going onto WM.
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