What if the Shield turned face as a group?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. Could it happen? They are the hounds of justice, right? Well you can easily formulate the argument that the Authority has been handing out injustice more than anyone, so if the Shield went face to feud with the authority could it work? The crowd already wants to love Reigns, Rollins would easily get over with his offensive moveset and Ambrose... well perhaps Ambrose playing a face is a stretch but he could go along with it initially before defecting or something.

    Thoughts? I didn't spend as much time fantasy booking this thread as my man lockard would have, but the thought crossed my mind so I thought I'd post t.
  2. Ambrose is the one problem factor in this plan like you said. He's spent almost the majority of his career as a heel, only really working as a face in promotions filled with even more demented characters than his own. But I guess the most logical thing would be for him to defect from the others and going solo.

    Reigns is as you pointed out is just on the cusp of a face breakout and Rollins with enough time to showcase his moveset wouldn't be too far behind either. Now that I think about it that might be the ideal way to break the shield.
  3. Have Rollins/Reigns cut a face promo against the Authority after a falling out, Ambrose just makes indecisive facial expressions the entire time to sell his lack of approval of the other two's newfound sense of right and wrong. He goes along at first but it only adds to the tension, so eventually he re-turns, if you consider it that, but ultimately he is still a heel all along just in the midst of a breakup with two recently turned faces, if that makes sense.
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  4. Let Ambrose's ego play into it as well I say. For a long time there was no leader in the shield, everyone was equal. It's only with the rise of Reigns that we have really seen Ambrose thinking of himself as "the man" and he is feeling threatened by a bigger alpha. He could also be jealous that the other two or just Reigns are taking more space.
  5. lol picture the three of them coming down for a promo segment and when they get to the ring Ambrose reaches for the mic like always, but this time Reigns cuts him off to start the promo

    Ambrose's facial expression reaction would be gif worthy
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  6. If I were a fangirl I would probably cream at the facial expressions. I'd also be up for Rollins and Ambrose feuding even though it seems like it will be Reigns vs Ambrose since Rollins and Ambrose had a real good feud down in developmental.
  7. I think it could work for a bit. Have Ambrose be more of a tweener though not a full face and not completely agreeing to everything Reigns and Rollins are doing but he'll "go along" with it to serve justice. Hell, then have the Authority plan an ambush with them in the ring. At the last second, have Ambrose start the fight and have Reigns and Rollins laid out in the ring. Have Rollins fight Ambrose for the US Championship and have Reigns go off to someone like Orton if he lost the WWE World Heavyweight belt.
  8. Reigns over HHH at Mania, I need it to happen.
  9. Was thinking about putting Reigns over Hunter :hmm: I really wouldn't mind it honestly.
  10. Speaking as a fangirl (and I'm not particularly proud of that fact) I'm hoping for Rollins and Reigns face turn and a feud with Ambrose. I just can't see Ambrose ever being face, it'd be like Orton as a face (I find him incredibly boring as a face) I'd also like to see Punk and Rollins work together if there was a face turn on the cards for him.
  11. But Shield is a hypocritical group. Like, they are a big part of 'injustice' made by the Authority. I think Ambrose's ego screwing the group is a better idea.
  12. You two already covered everything... but when it's time for the split, everyone will fall seamlessly into their roles. Rollins would be a mid-card face, Reigns would go into the ME, and Ambrose would actually be a despicable character for turning on a group that everyone loves and joining up with the Authority. Great! Everyone wins. except maybe Rollins but he'd be better sticking around this way than if he stayed heel after the split.
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  13. I really don't see where else Rollins can go really. I don't think he would be as over as Roman is taking on the Authority on his own, and the US title would hold back Roman. Roman can't turn heel, he's way to over and as you said, Rollins wouldn't be any better as a heel. I think Rollins should drop the US title shortly after and get to the upper midcard title scene.
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    it would make the group gay! and falt out dumb!
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  15. Gay? That's your response? What are you, 5?
  16. are u 1?
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  17. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  18. thanks for the input baby girl
  19. Would be interesting to see, thats for sure.
  20. *throws up in mouth a little*

    The thought of the Shield being face can't be done unless there was a group rotation - e.i. Getting rid of someone for someone else. Which is possible, BUT it would have to be the right person.

    EDIT : It can be done - but likely wouldn't be as good.
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