What IF Ultimate Warrior DOES NOT LEAVE WWE/F in 1991!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. What IF Ultimate Warrior DOES NOT LEAVE WWF in 1991!? OK we all know the story behind the Ultimate Warrior if you watch the story behind the DVD. Ultimate Warrior Shine Moment was when he beat Hulk Hogan at WM6 for the WWE/F Champion. Who Hogan at the time was the face of WWF at that time. And when Ultimate Warrior beat him belive or not at that time it WAS HUGE NEWS. Ultimate Warrior CLEARLY becoming the next Hogan. If so and he had not fuck after losing his 1st WWE/F Champion. And did not leave in 1991 would have been to the Ultimate Warrior!? Would he have been eveaede to Hogan Level and become the man of the 90's like everyone at 1 time though he would have? And if so how would have this effected future WWE/F Champion like Ric Flair,Bret "Hit Man" Hart, Shawn Michaels? If that keep having Ultimate Warrior as WWE/F Champion!? What do you all think!? Though?​

  2. I think the plan was to make him the man but he didn't draw too well as champion or something so they put the strap back on :hogan: this did come from a brother shoot so lord knows if it's true or even if Warrior existed.
  3. Hulk is actually Meltzer.
  4. Warrior was the plan! And he was draw the fans use go crazy for him! it was not until he left WWF and came back in 1992 when fans started to draw away from him. If he had stay in 1991. he could still have been the man.
  5. Now let me tell you something Mean Frank, The Hulkster said my dude that the Ultimate Warrior wasn't drawing like he should have my dude. He left the WWF in 91 but after I put him over in front of 7 million hulkamaniacs dude at Wrestlemania 6 they couldn't fill the arenas he couldn't slam the 9 foot tall 850 pound giants JACK. The people went crazy for him but they weren't selling T-SHIRTS WITH WARRIOR RULES ON THEM, it was still the red and yellow running wild. SO Vince McMahon ran back home to me, he got down his knees and begged me to bring the phythons out of retirement to save them from that vanilla midget once and for all.

  6. LMFAO. But seruisly Ultimate Warrior that even said it on his DVD well i don't have but user upload on youtube so i watch it the story. and that one he left and then came back in 1992 that when fans has move on from Ultimate Warrior. but if he had stay none of his fans would have left him.
  7. I was never a fan of the Ultimate Warrior and find him to be highly overrated.

    He had a ton of energy, absolutely. Once you heard his music hit and saw him run out and go wild on the ropes, you were pumped.

    Then...uh.....errr...yay for a leaping shoulder block?

    Not saying all of his matches were boring as shit, but, I never found him to be that great of a wrestler. Great character, no issues there. He had an awesome look and really sold the character (mostly due to the fact that he gets a legit boner for his character and never separated himself from it). He was shredded. He was someone you definitely stopped to take a look at.

    Still, never impressed me as an actual wrestler.

    This could also be a biased opinion because I am still legit angry that he beat the Honky Tonk Man for the IC belt. It was 25 years ago, but I am still bitter as fuck over it. Don't give a shit that wrestling is scripted and that Honky apparently said okay to it (I think it was actually his idea). I am just a bitter son of a bitch as a fan of HTM.
  8. I think he and Undertaker were working a feud with each other as part of the whole "Jake Roberts and Undertaker in cohoots with each other" angle in the summer of '91 before Warrior left/got fired. With Warrior still there, it's possible that Warrior fights Undertaker at Wrestlemania 8, in which case the streak MAY have never existed past Taker's first victory. Another possibility is that they go with Warrior and Sid Justice at Wrestlemania 8 in a Big Man type of match. Warrior/Savage going up against Undertaker/Roberts (seeing as how Savage was the other enemy of Taker and Roberts) was also a possibility. It's hard to say since WM8 could have gone so many different ways if certain factors were different (Hogan not 'retiring' afterwards, Warrior not being fired several months earlier, Undertaker's face turn, etc.) We could have got any combination of Hogan/Flair, Hogan/Undertaker, Flair/Warrior (when Flair had to drop the belt again in the fall of 1992, Warrior was considered a huge candidate for winning it from him), Warrior/Sid, Warrior/Roberts, Savage/Roberts, etc. Wrestlemania 8 is one of the funnest Wrestlemania cards to fantasy book for this reason.
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