What if WCW Never Existed?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Aug 16, 2014.

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  1. What do you think would've happened if WCW never existed? The impact on wrestling and what fans would've missed?
  2. Hulk Hogan would've never returned to wrestling and if he did, not to prominance.

    Vince wouldn't screw Brett because Brett has no where to go.

    Attitude Era wouldn't exist.

    Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H(WCW product at first remember) Rey Mysterio, Big Show and many more superstars would probably never make it to TV and that includes Benoit.

    Retirement from wrestling could force Benoit to not have the concussion that lead to his illness.

    Eddie Guerrero maybe goes back to Mexico where he made a name for himself.

    Wrestling would remain a muscle dinosaur game like it used to be, No DX, no NWO. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart would've been the faces of the company. Undertaker may not make it either (he had a bad but thankfully short gimmick in WCW i think. maybe that's where WWE noticed him?

    Oh and no stone cold either.
  3. A Certain someone wouldn't get screwed.

    credibility to women's wrestling would of remained respected.
  4. WWE would've called it in from around 1990 to today, it would be awesome. :lol1:
  5. Wrestling would have been, back then, just like it is today.

    Thank God WCW existed!
  6. Are we talking just Turner WCW or down to the NWA?
  7. I was basing mine off of Turner WCW.
  8. Blasphemy lol seriously, like no... but in all seriousness, if it never had existed, wrestling would suck, it would have been a disaster like it is with WWE now... poor... abysmal, and more. WCW 'paved the way' for existence... and the Monday night wars, so in essence? WWE should pray to their gods that wcw "existed" to bring out 'the best' in their territory. Undertaker once said "when you're getting your ass kicked, you either stay put or do something about it" (not exact)....
  9. competition breeds innovation right?
  10. What if we never invented the wheel? What if the Wright brothers died before inventing the plane!? What if the Titanic had made it?
  11. This is a loaded question that you could literally write an entire article about. If Jim Crockett Promotions goes under before Crockett can find Ted Turner or anyone else to purchase it and create WCW, then the wrestling business changes drastically.

    The careers of Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, Sting, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Undertaker, Big Show, DDP and countless others would have ended up being a lot different. Most (if not all) of them would have probably ended up in WWF eventually, but even then, would they have achieved the same level of success? Would the Undertaker have still become The Dead Man? Would Mysterio ever gotten close to winning a world title or winning the Royal Rumble (even much later on) if he had become settled into a lower-card spot on the card as early as 1996? Would Austin ever have become Stone Cold? Would Rocky Maivia have ever been given the chance to become The Rock? Would we have possibly seen a brand extension several years earlier than we did?

    Would Paul Heyman have even created ECW? Had he become a successful manager in the WWF instead of WCW, would he have even had the passion and motivation to want to create his own promotion? Hell, if he was employed by the WWF at the time and thought the wrestling world needed shaking up by aiming towards a more adult-oriented show, he could have simply gotten into Vince's ear and laid out his ideas to him then. He may have even become a booker for the WWF in the mid/late-90's instead of just a manager (hey, Cornette managed both, no reason Heyman couldn't.) And then you have to realize there's always the possibility that someone else entirely may have chosen to start their own promotion and compete with WWF.

    I could go and on. Like with almost any "What If", you can spend all day arguing and pondering the different scenarios that could have taken place.
  12. The whole lineage.

    EDIT: Nvm
  13. I find it funny how 13 years ago, WWE painted the picture to WWE fans that Booker T and Buff Bagwell were the biggest names in their company. They completely buried it every week on their YouTube show, and basically buried every chance they had. Now for the Network...WCW WAS GREAT!!
  14. If WCW didn't exist my childhood wouldn't have been half as good.
  15. We might have been better off without wrestling at all, to be honest.
    If WCW never existed, Vince McMahon's pockets wouldn't be nearly as full; he may have developed the complacency he has now, back then.
    The drive it takes to eliminate competition is evident. There is no competition today and it shows.
    WWE would never have reached that next level. It would have remained in the 'New Generation Era', in much the same way we are heading today.
    The money wouldn't be there which means the sponsors and network executives would have more leverage than they have today.

    WWE would have peaked at Hogan and virtually 75% of the members here would not be here, let alone the site.
  16. If WCW never existed I wouldn't have been able to masturbate to the Nitro Girls. :true:
  17. They were ugly beside Kimberly Page.
  18. Chae, Sky (Kiebler) and Spice FTW.
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