what if wwe done away with smackdown?

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  1. Considering raw is going 3 hours, I'm sure people may watch smackdown slim to none to avoid being burn out.My personal expirence with watching smackdown has been slim to none for years now, I missed smackdown for years due to not having the channel and barely watch it now even though I have syfy. I hated not being able to watch smackdown after the show left upn but now that I have been able to since it is on syfy, I have come to realize, I would get burn out if I watched both shows weekly. I guess something changed with me throughtout the years, because I used to watch both shows weekly (when smackdown was on upn) with no problem and didn't get burn out at all. Could we see the end of smackdown near? This might be a stupid question, and might piss people off for asking such a silly question, but this is just a random thought of mine. What do you think will evenually happen to smackdown?
  2. Nah they will never Dump Smackdown. Nxt and superstars still lives.
  3. Smackdown still makes many millions of dollars in revenue :haha: it's going nowhere
  4. I think Smackdown is the current top show of Syfy, so it gets decent attention, so I doubt they'll drop it. If anything, they'll drop Superstars and NXT to keep Smackdown alive.
  5. Smackdown is easily the most watched show on Syfy and a huge revenue maker (not as big as RAW but still a lot of money.)
    + It is the proving ground so to speak for younger guys. 9 out of 10 times new guys start out on Smackdown to show that they can work the WWE style.
  6. I love smackdown! I watch Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, (used to watch) NXT when it was on wwe.com, watch all the youtube shows, watch wrestling documentaries on netflix and have the Classics on Demand channel and I am never burnt out. XD
  7. I really hope they don't. If they were to take away Smackdown we wouldn't get the opportunity to see guys like Bryan and Henry get title runs. It's also usually got a lot more match time than Raw does which often means I prefer watching it. September 11' - April 1st 12' was pretty epic throughout considering the roster they had.

    There's more chance of seeing folks like Ambrose, Rollins (even though I'm not a fan), Kidd, Bray Wyatt etc get further up the card if there's still Smackdown as WWE are more likely to take the risk.

    Also as Stop says - they still make absolutely loads of money from it even if it is their B-show, it would be absolute madness to drop it from a business perspective.
  8. No show will be dropped, they benefit greatly from both of them and I think it helps to have all these shows, considering the size of the roster. I personally wouldn't get burned out due to watching 3 hours of Raw plus SD, along with NXT and Superstars, I never get tired of wrestling somehow.
  9. Smackdown will stay. Besides Raw is mainly storylines, On Smackdown they get alot of the "true" fans watching mainly for the wrestling like they do with superstars.
  10. I don't think that's true at all personally.
  11. From a fans' standpoint, while the supershow exists there's no reason to keep Smackdown around tbh. It's just getting Raw's leftovers at this point.

    But WWE is making too much money off of it to just let it go.
  12. It's been said plenty of time, and it will keep been said while this topic is open for discussion, Smackdown makes WWE lots of money. Money is good. It's also been noted that Smackdown is the proving ground for new and upcoming superstars.

    IMO WWE will NEVER drop Smackdown and why should they?
  13. I have been wanting a Smackdown dumping for a while. what I would do is take all midcarders/main eventers/divas from raw and Smackdown and put them on one brand. The second brand could be Superstars, where all the jobbers/low midcarders/divas go.

  14. stupid lol
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