What if you were the England manager...

Discussion in 'Sports' started by CFCrusader, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. What if you were the England national team manager and/or the U-21s manager? Who would you select? Would you go for the typical top four club players or go for the in-form guys who play for clubs like Southampton, Swansea?

    My starting 11 for the game against Scotland would have to be:

    Jones - Dawson (c) - Jagielka - Cole
    Carrick - Lampard
    Walcott - Wilshere - A. Johnson

    Subs: Hart, Walker, Smalling, Cahill, Baines, Milner, Lennon, Lallana, Defoe

    My starting 11 for U-21s game against Scotland U-21s would have to be:

    Kane - Wisdom - Robinson - Shaw
    Chalobah - McEachran
    Zaha - G. Gardner - Ince

    Subs: Johnstone, Jenkinson, Dier, W. Hughes, T. Carroll, Oxlade-Chamberlain, N. Powell, Wickham
  2. I'd probably off myself
  3. hart
    johnson jagielka cahill baines
    walcott gerrard chamberlain
  4. Hopefully roy hodgson will then maybe they will actually hire harry redknapp.
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  5. gk hart
    Rb johnson
    Cb cahill
    Cb jagielka
    Lb cole
    Cdm jones
    Cdm carrick
    Rm zaha
    Cam/cf rooney
    Lm chamberlain
    St carroll
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