WrestleMania What if Ziggler doesn't cash in?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Extraterrestrial, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. Might seem like a silly question, but this is WWE we're talking about.. and I really wouldn't put it past them.

    So anyway, if he doesn't cash in, what the fuck happens next for Zigg?
  2. He wins MITB at the next MITB PPV and holds the briefcase for a record time.
  3. And then add MITB to the list of devalued and things that lack prestige.
  4. Ok:

    WWE Title
    World Title
    Hardcore Title
    TNA World Title
    TNA TV Title
    Divas Title
    Hell in a Cell
    Cage Match
    Tag Team Matches
    Joey Styles
    Daniel Bryan
    The Spanish Announce Table
    Mae Young
    Money In The Bank

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  5. LOL great little post.
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  8. Then he doesn't become world champion.
  9. Since this was posted in the WrestleMania 29 section, I'm assuming you mean if he doesn't cash in at Mania specifically, in that case he'll simply cash in at a later date. If you're talking about the possibilities of them not having him cash-in period. Perhaps they'd do some angle where Dolph was going to cash-in but something interrupts him (as they already had with him), but it keeps happening as the date he has to (some day in either June or July) keeps coming nearing and nearing. Eventually, he doesn't cash-in because of those people interrupting him, and then is giving a title match anyway so he'll be able to win the belt that way. If WWE doesn't have him cash-in, I guarantee it will serve some integral role in an angle that will eventually lead to Dolph winning the belt anyway. I can't imagine WWE doing something so retarded as having Ziggler not cash-in without any narrative reason behind it.
  10. Ziggler could say he'll only cash in at Money In The Bank 2013, the same place he won the briefcase one year ago. Since last year's event was on July 15th and this year is on July 14th, it's the same Sunday on the calendar but they also can play it up as being the very last day before Ziggler's contract runs up. Time is up, and he has to finally make the move to cash in one way or another that night. Whether Ziggler says he'll be challenging the world champion after his match or whether he injects himself into the match itself is up in the air (probably the former.)

    An extension of the idea (and one that would piss off Ziggler fans for sure) is to have the WHC MITB winner from earlier in the night come out and then cash in on Ziggler and take the title right from him.
  11. Why would anyone do the latter?

    And oddly enough, I love that idea. Ziggler may be one of the only things about WWE I still enjoy, but I love any creative, new use of the story. There is a certain poetry in someone waiting an entire year to cash-in and realize his dream only for it to be snatched away by some impatient wrestler in the same position he was a year ago. Though I guess it somewhat depends on who is taking the belt away from Ziggler.
  12. If he holds the briefcase and doesn't cash in, than what exactly was the point? It does nothing to the Money in the Bank and to Dolph Ziggler.
  13. No rational person would, just throwing it out as a possibility. Someone like Ziggler would indeed be smug and say that he was cashing in on the champion as soon as their match was over. Puts extra tension on the winner, especially since Big E Langston can take the time between the official bell ending the first match and the bell that would signal the beginning of the second match to destroy the champion, allowing Ziggler an even easier cash in.
  14. I wish they took the route of having Ziggler in the WHC match at Wrestlemania, losing cleanly to make the face look good, and then have Big E lay him out so he immediately cashes in. It sells the face as strong, it sells Dolph as the heel who'll do anything to win, and it sells Big E as the dominant guy Dolph is associated with. It's a unique scenario as it's never happened with MITB -- something they struggle to create unique cash-ins with -- and it's on the biggest stage of them all.
  15. For some reason, I have a problem with the idea of Mr. MITB being in a title match for the same title he has the contract for but I still really like this idea.
  16. Do you know why you have this problem? It sells the feud. You could have a segment in the build up where Dolph is ditching his briefcase because he has his shot now, and when he loses the crowd will inevitably mock him, but then Dolph can go under the ring and emerge with it. Would be a good Wrestlemania moment imo.
  17. Not entirely sure. It's definitely nothing from a rational perspective, there is just something about it that bothers me. Maybe it's just some honor before reason BS thing, like why would the GM give someone a title shot who already has a guaranteed shot at the belt? I don't know, that's the best I can come up with. Still, the idea is great and I wouldn't be against it happening or anything like that it's just that one aspect that kind of irks me.
  18. You could have held a #1 contender tournament on SmackDown hosted over the space of a few weeks which Dolph Ziggler wins.
  19. I had an idea similar to that last year. Whether it took place at Wrestlemania or not being irrelevant, it's really one of the only real fresh ways to have a cash in that we haven't seen before.
  20. If he doesn't cash in he won't be the "great" wrestler he think he is
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