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  1. Edge didn't hurt his neck? Where would he be now, career wise?
  2. Oh, man. I'm such Edge mark.
    Hopefully he'd have won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship once before going away.
    He'd (maybe) be in the main event picture and he'd be putting talent over if he didn't hurt his neck, what should be Cena's job now. But I guess we'll never find out, sadly.

    I was so devastated when he had to retire, so I stopped watching wrestling post-Edge retirement and got back into it late 2012/early 2013.
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  3. Just imagine Edge vs. Lesnar oh my God.
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  4. Yes! And imagine JR's reaction to Edge's victory, that is, of course, if JR was still around.

  5. that would be something else
  6. We missed out on a lot of potential Edge stuff. Edge vs DB or Edge and Ziggler possibly having a long feud. Hell, even Edge/Rock. Damn.
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  7. Yeah, of course.

    But, there's always that 'What if?' factor which is really annoying at times. Damn.
  8. Edge was injury prone regardless of the neck, but here goes.
    By spring of 2003 he had been quite strongly and put over by the likes of Kurt Angle, which was no small feat.
    He'd likely would've stayed on SD, to be lightning to Lesnar's thunder. Lesnar would eventually turn heel and begun a rivalry with Edge.
    Had Edge not injured himself and Smackdown managed to stay relevant, Eddie Guerrero likely would never have main-evented as he did.
    John Cena may have found himself on RAW eventually, kick starting his face run there, rather than Smackdown.

    The people highly effected by Edge's injury were probably Eddie Guerrero and John Cena. Cena eventually would've made it, Guerrero unlikely.
    Edge would be a working a lighter schedule similar to Kane, if he were lucky. With the Shield's arrival he'd likely be bowing out of main event competition by now.
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  9. Do you think Edge would have saved SD if he was there? Unified titles just suck, man.
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  10. The Smackdown Six put together in 2002 by Paul Heyman's request consisted of: Lesnar, Benoit, Edge, Mysterio, Guerrero and Angle.
    Of those Six, the backbone of the brand was Edge and Lesnar, who were both less than the age of 30, at the time.
    Once Lesnar gave his notice that he was leaving, Vince effectively gave up on Smackdown as a future alternative to Monday Night RAW.

    Had Edge not gotten hurt, John Cena would have stepped into Lesnar's role but I also believe Cena eventually would have moved to RAW because SD is a 'wrestling based' show.
    With Angle having neck problems of his own, Randy Orton may have had to switch to Smackdown and we know how long it took for Orton to get his wheels under him.
    Edge couldn't have saved Smackdown by himself. Smackdown needed the name value of two elite stars, unless HHH were willing to move. Unlikely in my estimation.
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  11. I think things would of been really bright for him. He was such an amazing worker that it's hard to think what success he would of made, needless to say he would of been much bigger then he once was.
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  12. Wasn't Triple H champion on SmackDown a couple of years ago? He feuded with Jeff Hardy or Edge or someone hot at the time (08?) I believe.
  13. I think he feuded with Jeff Hardy, He won the WWE Championship off HHH I think. I'm not sure, but i do remember Jeff hardy was big in 2008.
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  14. Yeah. He was a spot monkey, but his popularity was really unmatched for a short spurt. Everyone had his arm sleeve and kids gave him Cena like pops.
  15. Yes, but my premise was based HHH coming in long before then.
    HHH was brought to Smackdown temporarily for the network move from UPN to MyTV. This was in 2008, long after Smackdown had been buried already.
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  16. I really don't see how the brand was dead in 2008. Edge, Taker, Jeff Hardy, MVP...plenty of good draws on the program at the time. Rey and Batista, too. it was more of a 1A 1B situation IMO.
  17. I'm biased being an Edge & Christian tag team fan but I truly believe that with the arrival of these new solo players, Christian & Edge would end up in a few tag team feuds.
  18. It was only resurrected for the network move only to sink once again when they didn't replenish the superstars it lost by 2009.
    HHH left SD in the draft along with MVP and Big Show only to be replaced by CM Punk, Rey, Kane and Chris Jericho.
    MVP was a huge loss at that time and SD did get CM Punk only lose Jeff Hardy in August.
    Batista ended up leaving SD to feud with John Cena by early 2010.

    These key players for SD were never really replaced. Rey never reached the heights he had in 2006 and CM Punk would be replaced by Edge who was injury prone anyway.
  19. If he hadn't been sidelined with a 14-month neck injury (February 2003 to April 2004), then as already touched upon by JC, he probably would have become a world champion a lot earlier than we did. In fact, Wrestlemania XX would have likely been the culmination of Edge's climb to the top instead of Eddie Guerrero's. (This is debatable and not at all set in stone, of course, but it's highly likely.)

    And if he hadn't of been forced to retire in 2011, we would have witnessed some great rivalries like Edge (and partners) vs The Shield, Edge vs Seth Rollins (I sense that he and Rollins would have been some great chemistry with one another, probably in large part because Seth's heel persona at the moment is similar to Edge's from 2005/2006, and they could have feuded over the MITB briefcase), Edge vs Randy Orton (he would have made a good opponent for Orton during his god awful championship reign from late 2013 to early 2014... these two have history, both as allies and as adversaries, and anything would have been better than seeing Big Show getting another title shot), Edge vs Brock Lesnar, etc.

    All in all, he probably would have already begun his descent into the Mick Foley/Chris Jericho role of jobbing to practically everyone he wrestles. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing at this point in his career.
  20. Edge, Orton, Sheamus vs Shield WM29

    2 sweet.
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