What in the fuck? (Bobby Roode)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. :facepalm1:
  2. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Sounds like a gigantic misunderstanding.

    I bet he'll use this opportunity to the fullest, getting every penny he can from them. He's in a pretty good situation atm.

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    gotta admit though I'd love for him to jump ship
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  3. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    If he were to show up as a surprise at WM I'd shit my pants!
  4. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Don't get me wrong, I would too, but he's going to be at Lockdown for sure.
  5. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Maybe he'll sign a one day contract for now and work week to week until his agent and TNA can work something out. Meanwhile, he can talk to :bury:
  6. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Think of it though, Cena stands triumphantly over the Rock finally beating him. He raises the belt to the crowd to celebrate, when all of a sudden he's attacked from behind by none other than the IT Factor himself!
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  7. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    They wouldn't introduce a TNA star like that in a million years.
    Although, I guarantee the crowd would go crazy because the Wrestlemania Crowds are mostly smarks.
  8. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)


    I'd mark.
  9. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    That's just the reason why it would work out perfectly.
  10. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    *Stands up and gives a great big round of applause*

    TNA: I was starting to have faith in your company again. You seemed to finally be turning it around again... granted, that may have just been Hogan being injured. Then you do something this stupid...

    :cornette: :kratos: :cornette: :hallofpain: :cornette: :tough: :cornette:
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  11. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    LOL what a wishful thinking!:obama:

    Touche there's like..... MINUS 141 perchance chance that happening.
  12. Anyway, this is fucked up case, there's no denying it. Things like these, especially when the guy's your champion and a main eventer, shoud NOT happen.

    But, I would be ABSOLUTELY STUNNED if Roode leaves the company. Roode is one of TNA's biggest stars and TNA is about to go on the road.

    Shit happens, but I hope this is all fixed by the end of the night.

    And once comment I agree with:
    True that. Just settle down.
  13. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Hoepfully this issue is resolved soon and Pritchard gets sent out the door.
    But still...

    Just for letting it happen.
  14. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    LOL, they have to make him a new contract before tomorrow or he'll fight without being part of the company, LOL
  15. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    God that's completely retarded.
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  16. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Apparently Roode signed a 5 year contract in 2009, which would imply that he has one more year left on his contract (unless I am counting wrong on it since I went 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). That leads me to believe that if there is issues then they must be off the kind that would make him consider leaving the company. Hopefully that is not the case but if he left where would he go? ROH, Japan, Mexico or even WWE (The Game and the IT factor need some father-son bonding time)?
  17. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Say he signed on the first on 2009 though it'd be so it depends when he signed as he needs to serve that year.

  18. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Also if it is so that 2014 is his last year I think he might have a cop out clause for his last year. Who knows.
  19. What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    Posting this here too, just for the erection the idea gave me.
  20. RE: What in the f*ck? (Bobby Roode)

    True he may have signed for 4 with a potential 5th year like they do in football, still how the fuck do you let this happen?
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