WHat is all this mertosexual rubbish

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  1. What is that all about

    a man like a women to be a women and a women likes a bloke to be a bloke.

    women love a men like myself with a hairy chest, jaded personality and who does not give a shiny shit. but men want awomen to be a women, except on the bedroom where we want them to be like "fuck me, fuck me"

    its best just to act jaded, not only is it smarter, but women cream over it, look at the fanny manson gets.
  2. What are you even trying to say.
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  3. Its Billy Bob Whitey Sr.!!
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  4. We want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed! I said YEAH! YEAH!
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  5. lol Been giving this kind of advice to people since forever.
  6. Take that and rewind it back, lil trip got the flow to make your booty go *CLAP*
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  7. ask the bromans they seem qualified to answer your question
  8. I have no idea what's going on.
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  9. Although to be fair, I know plenty of women that do like men that are feminine.
  10. for instance all the chicks that love morrissey despite his obvious homosexuality. also robert smith of the cure.
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  11. @JwabHDTV the ladies love your group
  12. Robbie E is dating Tessmacher man.
  13. Women are weird, they all want me and my humor makes them weak at the knees but I get some weird responses.They always dance close to me but never make a move, they clearly want me. I ould have slept with loads of women if I had the confidence or they worked a bit harder. Bloody women

    But I can safely say they do not like feminine men.

    WHat is all this about cleaning, a dip in the bath a week is enough for any man. All this skin cream and shaving, a women wants a man to have a manly musk trust me
  14. a bath a week that's nasty..
  15. Wow. Deep.
  16. Don't even know what to say....
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Da faq did I just read?
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