What is Dolph Ziggler waiting for?

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  1. What is Dolph Ziggler waiting for?


    Dolph Ziggler is one of the most talented performers on the WWE roster today, and he has the very real potential to become a truly legendary Superstar. A naturally gifted athlete, The Showoff possesses a diverse skill set inside the squared circle, and by all accounts, he has the confidence that is such a crucial component to cultivating a successful in-ring career. That said, while the outspoken Superstar continues to insist that it is "his time" to further elevate that status in WWE, he still has yet to pull the trigger on his moment of reckoning. This begs the question, just what is Ziggler waiting for when it comes to cashing in his Money in the Bank contract?

    After claiming the contract at Money in the Bank with a victory over seven other Superstars in an epic Ladder Match, Ziggler has not yet capitalized on what is essentially the opportunity of a lifetime, and what could well be a one-way ticket to the World Heavyweight Championship.

    In the weeks immediately following his Ladder Match win, Ziggler attempted to cash in on World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, but — in every case — he was somehow beaten to the punch. Maybe those early attempts led The Showoff to be snake-bitten (or is that shark-bitten, when trying to overcome The Great White?), and he just hasn’t been able to overcome those early woes. On the other hand, Ziggler is known for being a shrewd Superstar inside the squared circle, so perhaps his delay could instead be attributed to some kind of overarching grand plan he’s hatched to claim The Celtic Warrior’s championship gold.

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  3. How appropriate that they show Ziggler selling a brogue kick like a boss.. because that's all WWE sees him as.. a device that can be used to get great matches out of scrubs and put them over
  4. #wwelogic

    Realistically, Dolph Ziggler is very over with the crowd and the IWC.. Everyone loves him.
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  6. We already have, and it got deleted.
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