What is everyone mad about?

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  1. I've been meaning to post this since last week, but finally getting to it. I fail to understand what everyone is really mad about concerning the Royal Rumble? Is it the fact that Roman Reigns won the rumble? or was it the way that WWE set it up for Roman Reigns to win by getting rid of Daniel Bryan early?

    Honestly I point the finger towards WWE and blame the result on how WWE set it up for Reigns to win the rumble. Fans were just cheering for Roman Reigns on SmackDown and then when Daniel Bryan got eliminated way too early, the world just turned against him.

    I'm pretty sure if Daniel Bryan would've stuck around in the rumble, and it came down to him and Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, and Dean Ambrose, rather than Reigns vs. Kane and Big Show and the field narrow down to Bryan and Reigns, then if he would've won, then it wouldn't of gotten such a negative reaction. A lot of good guys gotten booed because of WWE's decision to have Bryan eliminated early from the Royal Rumble. Another problem is that WWE basically told us way early into the build of the event who was going to win. And everyone got access to the spoilers other than Bubba Ray Dudley, DDP and The Boogeyman being surprise entrants into the Royal Rumble, the Royal Rumble was a bust. And one of the big 4 pay per views is surely losing it's integrity. This is the 5th year in a row that fans were outraged about the Rumble. And honestly I thought about getting the PPV on the WWE Network but thank god I didn't get it. WWE is getting too predictable and is not the same anymore, I mean yeah there's the dirt sheets, which there really isn't anything that can be done about that.

    But I'm not mad at Roman Reigns winning the Rumble, I'm just mad at how it was done and the match as a whole. What are your thoughts?
  2. My opinion is pretty much the same as yours.

    I'm not mad at Reigns winning the Rumble, b/c it was obvious he was gonna win it, even when Bryan was out due to injury.

    I'm just mad at how they used DB to get more subscribers to the WWEN by announcing he'd participate in the Rumble.
    Because, if you have a top babyface brought back from a career-threatning injury and hype he'd take part in the Rumble, of course you're gonna have people split on who they want to win. But then, you have Bryan eliminated in such a crappy way and you wouldn't expect the crowd to piss on everyone else? Hahahaha, stupid decision.

    So, I was obviously pissed off how they eliminated DB.
    Heck, as a matter of fact, DZ, Ambrose and Wyatt all got eliminated in that same crappy fashion.

    DB should've been one of the final men to be eliminated, I'm sure the crowd would have accepted Reigns as the winner a whole lot better. He got a lot of boos from the moment his music hit, which wasn't fair, because it wasn't his fault, the man was just doing his job.

    Hopefully they won't have to turn him heel.
  3. Same, it was just the way Bryan was eliminated so quickly.

    Also, the nonchalant way that Ziggler and Ambrose were eliminated. I got punched by Big Show and now I'm a rag doll with no fight left in me.. really? Ziggler and Ambrose, 2 of the scrappiest wrestlers on the entire roster taken out so easily? Whatever.
  4. Yeah, plus Big Show and Kane were one of the final men to be eliminated, so... :dawg:
  5. My question is, Do we take wrestling a bit to seriously and take a bit of the fun out of it?.. It's supposed to be fun. People take wrestling a bit too seriously but sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in it.
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  7. Well it's true that sometimes you take it "too seriously" however, people do that with things they love and/or are passionate about. I love wrestling. And yes it's supposed to be fun and for me it is most of the time... But, sometimes things happen that piss you off and, for you, it's not "fun" it's annoying and not needed. The RR PPV was one of the not fun examples for me. The triple threat saved the entire PPV. But the rumble match for the past like 3 years has been utter shitz
  8. I wasn't all that mad that Roman won. I wasn't even mad that Daniel Bryan got eliminated. I was surprised that he got eliminated so early. Does anyone want to talk about how awesome Bray Wyatt was in that Royal Rumble match? If I remember correctly, I believe he lasted the longest this year. How about that face off between Bray and The Boogeyman? What upset me was the fact that Big Show and Kane came in so late, they were the ones that eliminated Ziggler, Ambrose, and Wyatt. I think everyone expected was for Roman, Ziggler, Ambrose, Wyatt, and Bryan to be the last ones in the ring and people were upset because things didn't go the way they wanted it to. You have to think about it this way, if Daniel Bryan, or even Dean Ambrose won, there would still be someone unhappy. You can't make everyone happy, so when things don't go the way they want it to, people complain. People complain too much. I know a lot of people didn't want Roman Reigns to win but since Big Show and Kane were the ones that eliminated everyone's favorites, shouldn't they be the ones getting all the hate? I think Big Show and Kane are pretty much irrelevant, and those guys should not have been the last ones in the match. Does Roman really deserve all the hate? Plus the interview between Roman, Brock, and Heyman could have interested a few more people for Wrestlemania.
  9. I for one am not mad, really. I'm not sure this Reigns push will work out as intended, I see it as a bit of a gamble but, hey, gotta try pushing some dudes to main event level. Think Bryan would've been a safer choice, but can't say I care. They did do a poor job with that Rumble match though.
  10. I'm mad at this shitty thread
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  11. Get glad.
  12. I'm mad at the WWE for acting like a bunch of jerks - they **constantly** ruin possibly great matches by letting 'Goons'(the most polite word I can think of,) interfere with matches, and those 'Refs,' they're a joke and disgrace to the folks that wear the stripped shirts. And JBL... I wishsomeone would pour glue into his popcorn so he couldn't say a word. What a toady.. And about my idea for a steel cage machette match...
  13. People like to complain and it's one of the aspects that makes talking about sports interesting. If fans stopped complaining than wrestling message boards would get boring pretty quick.

    And in reference to being angry at Big Show and Kane for eliminating Ambrose and Ziggler, that makes almost as little sense as it makes for the fans to be booing Reigns. They eliminated them, sort of the goal in a battle royal.

    I had no problem with Roman Reigns winning this year. Last year I did have a problem with Batista winning. However when I have such a problem I just think back to the winner a year before Batista and I realize it can be much worse.
  14. Ok let's have a "Divas Steel Cage Mud Pit Match' using the **whoile** Divas roster. The one that coes out at the end with her costume intact will be the new Divas Champion. Uh Huh. uh huh. uh huh..
    Next a 'Tables, Ladders, & LoveSeat Match' with the guys the first wrestler to use the Love seat and not go to sleep from watching this boring show, wins!
    Then, we'll have the "Steel Cage Dictionary" match - all the male rasslers go into the cage - a dictionary is dropped down on them; the last one standing is da weiner! Weeeeeeeeeeee.
    Last but not least, we'll have a 'Steel Cage *Everybody* Musical Chairs(i.e., male & female rasslers)Match,' where **everyone** on the WWE Roster goes into a cage and then moves around to music to find a place to sit. The last one sitting is declared the weiner! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeHawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
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