What is Fifa's obsession with Spain?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Apparently this is the just announced World XI:

    Iker Casillas
    Dani Alves
    Gerald Pique
    Sergio Ramos
    Xabi Alonso

    All La Liga based players, yet none of them were in the CL final. Anyway, Casillas has had a terrible season.

    Alves - Arguably the most overrated right-back in the world. Sure he's great at going forward, but actually defending - he's poor. Lahm wipes the floor with Alves.

    Pique - Another overrated centre back in my opinion. He's not consistent, but I can see why he's picked. Arguably the best passing centre back there is, and is a real presence. I would have picked Ramos & Thiago Silva myself.

    Ramos - Spot on.

    Marcelo - Lmao wtf? He doesn't even start every game for Real Madrid, his replacement is Contrao. Ashley Cole > Both of them. As for the best left back in the world, technically you could say Lahm as he plays both sides but since I put him as my RB I will actually say Ashley Cole (Fillipe Luis is pretty dope too).

    Xabi Alonso - I can see why he's here, he probably is the best passing CDM in the world, but he's rather shit at defending now considering his age. They should have used this space for someone like Mata, Silva, Busquets, Kroos etc.

    Xavi - Yup

    Iniesta - Ofc

    Messi - Ofc

    Falcao - No. Another overrated player. Sure he's fantastic and is in the top ten strikers in the world (possibly top three) but what has he actually done that's incredible? He is hidden in the big games... RVP for his calender year should have definitely took this spot, or Rooney.

    Ronaldo - Ofc

    Just because Spain possess the two greatest teams in recent history, there is no need to completely overrate their players. I watch them weekly, and I often wonder if anyone from Fifa actually does.
  2. Their numb3rs and achievements don't lie, though.
  3. Who? Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ramos, Xavi - Granted they are automatic shoe-ins for world team of the year. Who else has had an astonishing year? All Barcelona won was the Copa Del Ray - which is why Ronaldo should win Baloon D'or imo - and Real Madrid won La Liga with a record amount of points, but that doesn't mean Alonso and Marcelo are shoe-ins for the position, and Casillas even being there is embarrassing. It's like Fifa is already valuing La Liga as a tougher league than the BPL which it quite evidently is not. You do know Marcelo was barely used in the big games with Real Madrid's record season yeah? "Let's award Marcelo and rank him as the best left back in the world, even though he's not good enough for the big games".

    Real Madrid were knocked out in the semi's by Bayern, Barcelona were knocked out by Chelsea.
  4. Completely agree with your opinion. Look's like the team is rather based on past achievements and reputation rather than their actual current ability, don't know why Casillas is in the team, also Marcelo. Bit of a joke if you ask me.
  5. Hmmm mate cuz Casillas won la liga , the super cup against the Barcelona , won the euro ( he is the captain ) , was awarded as the best goalkeeper ...
  6. GK - Neur, hands down the best in the world.

    RB - Lahm, another easy pick.
    CB - Ramos, fucking amazing CB.
    CB - Harder to choose, but Thiago Silva. He's incredible. Kompany, Pepe, Chiellini etc are close.
    LB - Cole, too good. Contrao or Luis are close though.

    CM1 - Iniesta
    CM2 - Xavi
    CM3 - Mata

    FW1 - Messi
    FW2 - Ronaldo
    FW3 - RVP

    Those three especially have had incredible years. That's what the world XI is about, the best team THIS YEAR. If we were going on reputation we would have Maradona, Pele etc...
  7. If they wanted to stay with La Liga
    Pepe over Alves
    Ozil over Alonso
  8. No, his team won those. Casillas himself has been poor this year, I'm a Madrid fan and I can easily admit that/
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  9. Agreed.
  10. The biggest omission is the lack of Drogba and Pirlo. The rest I agree with. And Pique was amazing on EURO. And you saying Van Persie and Rooney deserve it over Falcao is major facepalm, and you're obviously biased.
  11. Omg, you go from suggesting Drogba and Pirlo to then attacking me, how comedic. Drogba was poor the whole Chelsea season, scoring a handful of goals. He has a good CL campaign and suddenly he's the best striker in the world? Have you got a concussion?

    Do you even watch the Italian league Joe? I think most sports-posters on here know I'm not bias. RVP - scores in crucial games, carried Arsenal to the Champions League, has a fan-fucking-tastic record already for Manchester United and has scored in more crucial games, yeah I'm obviously bias. Rooney was 2nd top scorer of BPL, and had many many amazing games for United, a real consistent season.

    Falcao - what's he done? You still haven't answered. His goal record against lesser teams is good, nice, let's give him best striker in the world. He's so overrated it's not even funny.
  12. Cannot agree with ya , Ozil is awesome but is not as important as Alonso , the Real Madrid is Alonso , every time Alonso doesn't play , there isn't a connection between the defence and the strikers ... Ozil is awesome but he normally dissapears in the important matches
  13. Can see your point actually. Alonso is debatable, I can see why he's in there, but I don't think he is in the top 3 centre midfielders in the world. I rate Mata and Silva significantly higher.
  14. 65 goals , 3 goals against Chelsea and 2 against Bilbao (I think)
  15. You cant discount his National team play either. Right now I believe he's the better player. If I owned a team right now and had to opportunity to buy either, it'd be a no brainer to choose Ozil.
  16. Woah, someone call the cops. He scored against a hopeless Chelsea and Bilbao...

    I agree he's having a fantastic campaign this year, but I still don't think it compares to RVP. Falcao > Rooney yes, I rate Falcao personally as #2 in the world (possibly #3, depending on where Neymar plays).
  17. - Drogba: won the CL (the toughest shit in the world) practically by himself. FACEPALM at your "He has a good CL campaign and suddenly he's the best striker in the world" part, this shit is not even about it.

    - What have Persie and Rooney won in the previous season? ManCity took the big one, IIRC.

    - Falcao: "what's he done?" WHAT? That's revisionism at it's finest. I guess being the best in Europa League and winning it means nothing, eh? Not to mention his great performances for Atletico.

    Look, you obviously take this shit like football way too seriously, I'm way too old and tired for arguing with hardcore football smarks.
  18. Even his CL games were hit and miss... Seriously, you're listing Drogba as the best striker this year for like 4 CL games, that's fucking hilarious. I didn't expect you of all people to be so naive.

    Link me to the Fifa disclaimer where it says "Lol if you don't win anything you're not on the team". Look at the list of past Baloon D'or winners, many of them won hardly anything or sometimes nothing in that year. You judge the player, not the achievements of the team... WORLD TEAM OF THE YEAR.

    Sure, but he's not been as good as RVP. Europa league does actually mean nothing, sorry to burst your bubble. It's a league of teams coming below 4th in their respective leagues usually... wow, real competitive.

    What has Marcelo done? What has Casillas done? Not team achievements, how consistent have they been as players? If your answer is anything more positive than "Not much" then you're incredibly bias, yeah I can do that too.

    Going to use this quote when someone asks me what irony means.
  19. Stopped reading after this: "Look at the list of past Baloon D'or winners, many of them won hardly anything or sometimes nothing in that year"

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