What is going on with Wade Barrett?

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  1. What is going on with Wade Barrett? this bad news Barrett thing sucks and he was ringing a bell on the streets somewhere from that clip on Raw he shouldnt be doing this. Wade should be kicking ass in the ring
  2. Barrett keeps on delivering his bad news with no return to the ring. In February, as Barrett's talking, someone appears on the ramp...

    Barrett beats Jericho at Wrestlemania.

    Amirite guys?
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  3. Or Barrett jobs again
  4. wwe has no idea what to do with him
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  5. I would like that.
  6. One of the best bits of RAW was Barrett keeping all the donation money. Laughed my arse off.
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  7. I am disgusted at how WWE is treating my hometown guy Wade is from my area in England and I want to see him main eventing with the WWE title not doing this shit with ring bells, charity collection and doing this weird bad news barrett gimmick
  8. As little a win over Jericho tends to mean nowadays it would be a huge leap up for Wade. Pretty depressing when you think of his great Nexus run where he looked to be set as an uppermidcard staple at least. Plus he's from BLFFL's area which obviously should warrant a huge push.
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  9. CORRECTED the post
  10. He's from Preston not Manchester.
  11. Its like a 10 minute drive.
  12. It is :silva:
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  13. Hes still from my area Preston isnt that far away from Manchester hes my hometown guy and he should be treated better by WWE
  14. He's getting t.v time. You should be happy he's even on t.v.
  15. I guess WWE forgot that if they are from your area they deserved to be sent to the main event and win every belt? He is Barrett, not HHH. :pity2:
  16. Eh, at least he has a gimmick and they haven't completely forgotten about him. I think this gimmick is pretty funny, and hopefully they'll find a way to incorporate it with him in ring. For now, he's pretty entertaining.
  17. He'll most likely be written off. A guess of mine
  18. This

    I like Wade, and I like the Bad News Barrett gimmick. It's one of the funniest parts of Raw.
  19. I'm a fan of Bad News Barrett and I treasure...absolutely treasure....the idea of his current gimmick leading to a WM match against Y2J...in which Y2J will job, because that's what he does.

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  20. Jericho has no ego, and loves to put over new talent.
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