What is going to come from the "foot on the rope" moment?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. I was complaining - with many others - about that anticlimactic end to RAW where CM Punk had his foot on the rope and RAW just kind of went off the air. Where as I've seen that advertised on NXT and SmackDown multiple times now and it sort of ends on a cliff-hanger, hinting that Punk & Heyman were going to do something.

    Any of you geniuses got any theories?
  2. im still wondering if it was botched :notsure:
  3. It wasn't lol..
  4. Gonna' be the start of another "Unsafe work environment angle" along side Josh Mathews case after Punk assaults the ref.
  5. :sad:I was not in the least bit happy with what "THE REF" called that-my eyesite may not be that good(bad accident,I'll explain later)-but I can still see with 1 good eye and I know what I saw-HIS FOOT WAS ON THE ROPE-so therefor-Punk should still be champ and still have the title. If they have to set up another rematch to make it fair and show also the footage of what I saw-then do so.
    As for what I just mentioned-I fell not too long ago about 3 years ago and landed on my head and eyes-suffered a mild concussion and busted my eye orbitals-completely blind in my left eye and tunnel vision in the right.
    My right eye gets most of the work when it comes to seeing and I know I was not wrong when I was watching that match-I saw his foot go on the rope and I know when someones' foot or other part is on the rope-there's no way anyone could win because of that-so whomever was holding the title at that point is still champ-so in my mind-Punk is still THE CHAMP-no matter what the ref may have called it. I'm sure MVP could even agree with that, and could vouch for that. Cena and Sheamus did not win that match-as much as I adore those 2-I have to be honest(and I'm also not a good liar either-lol-sorry guys-lol).
    Punk is and should still be champ-and as for Paul Heyman-yes,I do think he had something to do with what happened-I don't like that guy-there's just something about him that doesn't sit right or well with me,like he's "BAD NEWS" or a "conman",he just doesn't seem like a good guy and I think he's a "bad influence" and not someone Punk should have around-even though they do have a past-but that's just it-THAT WAS THE PAST-he's with THE WWE now and Heyman had nothing to do with him getting in with the WWE-his talent got him there.
    I also think,as much as I hate to say it-I'll be honest-I think it's a little disloyal to the WWE-like being married and having a mistress on the side-can't do it,he can't have his cake and eat it too and I think Heyman is going to bring a lot of bad stuff for the WWE and also for PUNK himself and I hope Punk sees this light soon and gets rid of him.
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  6. i only watched it once but wasn't his foot on the rope after the 3 count?
  7. Nah, it was in the middle of 2 and 3 he got it up, definitely before the 3 though.

    If you watch SmackDown you'll see the recap video package which is really good.
  8. Yeah, after that they had the backstage bit where Punk was going ape shit on the ref and AJ both. Of course, I thought it was kind of cool and funny how he was yelling at the ref and pointing at Scott Armstrong, talking about how Armstrong is a real ref. Based on how everything went on Raw, then that aftermath video, there's no doubt he and Heyman will do something, but I'm still clueless as to what it might be. Oddly enough, kind of gives me something to look forward to Monday night (although I always look forward to seeing Punk Mondays regardless).
  9. Either Maddox gets beat up by Punk or we have Punk complaining to AJ which helps the "GMs can't control the shows" angle, along with Punk complaining about respect.
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  10. CM Punk will whine some more about it next week on Raw and demand a re match

  11. watched it. :dawg: close call.

    im not sure what will happen because you have to take cena's injury into account now.
  12. I think WWE failed in the way of making Punk heel. Attacking to The Rock was a great way but what's that Respect shit? It's boring. And Heyman, he is great but since Punk is great on the mic, Punk doesn't need him a lot. They could make Heyman the manager of Barrett as like Brock Lesnar v2. Barrett is a fighter as well. Punk has to be more agressive heel like Orton was in 2009.
  13. :sad: Like I said-I DON'T LIKE HEYMAN-there's just something about him that says to me "BAD NEWS" and when I get a strong gut feeling like that-I'm rarely wrong and there's usually a reason why I get that kind of feeling and I have a feeling we're all going to find out very soon why I feel the way I do about him-so just be ready and wait and see-you guys will see that I'm right on this one.
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  14. I wouldn't say they've failed, in the beginning of Punk's "heel reign" he wasn't boo'd because he was still seen as the anti-hero, but now the respect shit is typical heel stuff. He cut a heel promo in Chicago, and now he cuts heel promos on home town stars like Bret Hart and Cena. He's getting boo'd again which is what they want, they've succeeded.

    This respect angle has only just started, I don't see Punk and Heyman being this excited by working together if it's just Heyman following him to the ring. Something is going to happen, we have to be patient. I can never get old of heel Punk promos, the promo between Hart/Cena/Punk the other week was nothing short of exceptional.
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