What is going to happen with Ziggler?

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  1. I mean, he had been jobbing for weeks and I am honestly sick of it.
    He "said" something wrong/bad in one interview and he gets punished yet it is completely acceptable for Randy Snorton to call Kelly the locker room sleaze? Regardless if it is true or not...(hehehe)

    I have no idea what he said but why punish him by making him a joke?
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  2. If I'm honest, I thought this was a BLFFL thread. Seriously I have no Idea, hopefully he'll get abit more of a push soon.
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  3. My threads are bloody awful!? :upset: :cry: :why: :okay: :downer: :jeritroll:
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  4. No it's just I see Kelly and think of KK! Then think of BLFFL :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: sorry.
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  5. I'm not sure what they plan on doing with Ziggler. In his defense however, a lot of the faces have been jobbing lately. It might just be something he has to go through until they start pushing him again for a title.
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  6. Every Champion is a heel, so they're just pushing the baby faces down, so the eventual change is better.
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  7. nothing, like always
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  8. Hopefully, this so called punishment he's receiving finishes sooner rather than later. The crowd love him, he's great.
  9. I hope so too! :sad1:
  10. I'm pretty sure the Ziggler interview where he said Orton has always been given everything on a platter (assuming that's the one you're referring to) was kayfabe. WWE has been blending reality and kayfabe together on occasion these past few months - Mark Henry's retirement speech, Daniel Bryan exploding and having an argument with HHH after HHH made a judgment call to call off his match with Orton because of DB's stinger, the whole focus on Bryan being too small to be champion and face of the company, etc. - and that interview seemed like another example of that. It correlates too well with him being punished on-screen for saying that he's always found HHH an untrustworthy guy (the night after Summerslam) for it not to be kayfabe.

    As for what Creative has in mind for Ziggler, I'm not even sure they know. Probably winning the United States Championship from Ambrose.

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  11. He should have the WHC!!!! :angry: :upset: :why:
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  12. I think turning Ziggler face was a horrible idea, unless they were going to keep him in the WHC fued with Del Rio. Otherwise, it's a useless concept. Look where he is now. If he beats Ambrose or Axel it sounds like David vs. Goliath. It's dissapointing, really.
  13. I`m sick of him jobbing out every week because, i think, he is the best current wrestler, Ziggler was not made to be face
  14. Best current wrestler? -_-

    WHAT ABOUT AJ LEE?!?!?!?!

    She's the best wrestler of all time.

    And Ziggy is just............ a traitorous prick. With spaghetti hair.
  15. I was talking about male wrestlers, on females AJ is on top
  16. I'm sorry but please stop posting about AJ in every thread, Save it for threads on AJ :emoji_slight_smile:

    Ziggler has what is needed to be a main event champion, He has been in the mid card for a good amount of time and its his turn for a real title reign, Shame that concussion happened when he won the title.
  17. Ugh.
  18. But AJ Lee is the best regardless of gender. She's the best wrestler out of both male and female wrestlers.
  19. AJ Lee isn't a wrestler. She's a diva that looks like a mouse. squeak squeak
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  20. Yes, SHE IS a wrestler, and the best wrestler. You'll be squeaking like a mouse when she wraps you up in a Black Widow and dislocates your arm!
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