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  1. Just another weird forum game brought to you by Britanimania. :woo1:

    You post what the person above you has in their e-mail inbox. Obviously, we don't know for sure so we are going to make assumptions. hehe

    Post Format:

    Name of Sender/Company : Subject
    Name of Sender/Company : Subject
    Name of Sender/Company : Subject

    You can post as many fake e-mails as you want but they have to pertain to the person above you.
    So for example, one that would fit me would be ->

    [email protected] : 18 hour video of Mittens cleaning himself

    Got it?
  2. Sender: twitter
    Subject: Bass Rebels has sent you a direct message
  3. Kia: When are you coming to visit?
    A bunch of craigslist replies to shit im selling.
    Some random Wikileaks.
  4. So we're writing a fake email about what you think the person above would have in their inbox? I don't think Aids and Nano understood :lol1:

    Brewers Baseball : 50% Discount for all ass bleeding brewers!
  5. Child porn 1
    More child porn
    How to eat shitty foods and not be so fucking fat, volume 4.
  6. Uh yeah that's taking it too far and not even remotely funny.
  7. What is jeebak

    Now it's funny Jonathan
  8. :lol1:
  9. Who gives a shit about my inbox?

    Here's what's in there: chickenwings, diet Coke, and two fat whores who do blowjobs for a can of corn behind the parking lot of Walmart.
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  10. #Weclometothesouth GrammarNazi82 knows.
  11. Probally a shit load of Facebook updates, subscriptions from a bunch of musicians, Youtube comments, and spam.
  12. I haven't even checked my Email in months,it's probably filled with Playboy updates,pointless Facebook crap,and,wrestling stuff.
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