What is keeping Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno from the main roster?

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  1. Basing this thread on some remarks made by @seabs about the former knockout kids current NXT run. What exactly is keeping Ohno/Hero from being on the main roster? Dude is obviously talented and knows what he is doing in the ring but he just doesn't seem to be delivering. Almost like he is phoning it in.

    Most of us who follow NXT and or indy wrestling knows that Ohno is one of the best in the world when he wants to. But he just doesn't seem to be running on all cylinders down at Full Sail. So what are the problems?

    In my opinion one is his character. Ohno is currently playing an aggressive almost monsterish heel which a lot would agree doesn't suit him. He is much more suited for being a cocky or arrogant/cool heel or Babyface, akin to Chris Jericho (only taller). His ring style and mic style speaks more for that than being some vicious super villain. But this raises an issue. One would assume that with it being developmental, superstars have more say if not almost complete say on their characters, since they are allowed to experiment more to find something that fits. This would mean that it is Hero himself thinking that this will work and someone needs to sit him down and iron it out with him or help steer him in the right direction. Which is the job of guys like Gunn, Dusty and the rest.

    His ringwork is also an issue. He seems almost lazy in the ring and he hasn't had a great match on NXT yet. All of his matches have been good but none have been great. Why is this? It's not like they have been putting him with guys that cannot wrestle so that isn't an issue. Does he feel that he doesn't belong on NXT and is thus just phoning it in until he gets a call up to RAW or Smackdown? If so someone needs to sit him down and give him a rough talk. Because if he feels like that then in my opinion he should be working even harder to prove that he belongs on the main roster, just not walk about not caring. Hero worked hard to get to the WWE, would be a shame for him to stop now.

    Another ring related issue is how people say that WWE "dumbs down" the ring work. This in my opinion should not stop him. Lots of guys from the indy scene still work great matches in the WWE, Bryan, Punk and Cesaro to name a few.

    What do you think? What needs to be done to light the fire under Kassius Ohno?
  2. I just think he's down there until WM. They're going to need fresh heels to feud with Cena after he inevitably wins the title from the Rock. Once that's over and done with, they'll probably bring bring him up and build him as a credible super heel.
  3. But for what reason? He is just phoning it in right now. He's living off of his indy name right now. Guys like Cesaro, Rollins and Ambrose proved that they were too big for NXT/FCW when on there. Ohno is just hanging around. This is not a question of "when" but a matter of "what" or "why"
  4. I just think there's no one at his level down there. Rollins and Ambrose had each other to work with. What face on NXT is a match for Ohno. If he goes all out he can easily bury any face in the ring and on the mic. You can't have the heel look that much better.
  5. But shouldn't he then use his skill to help make these other guys look good? That's an even more important skill in wrestling, making your opponent look like a million bucks as well. Plus there are talented guys on the NXT roster, guys like Ric Victor (Hart trained), O'Brien, Woods, Dalton and Del Rio's little brother are all there (last one is said to be improving like they strapped a rocket to him). Graves could also easily turn to an underdog anti-establishment face if needed. Plus you can send down a main roster guy to feud with him as well. Other people on the roster should not be the reason for Hero phoning it in. That would make it seem like he has an ego which could put WWE off of him, like Low Ki.
  6. TBH I haven't seen too much of him on NXT, but what I have seen he hasn't looked terrible. Just not at the level he was at in RoH. Perhaps he's saving his body for his run in WWE so he can make the most money possible?

    Or he could think he's golden because he has his friend Punk in Vince's ear.
  7. Speaking of Ohno.
    Seems like he cut his beard:
    Finally. We had too many big bushy beards running around in my opinion. He also seems to have trimmed down/got more cut so that fire might be lit under him to really make him deliver now that his feud with Regal is starting. This pic is supposed to be from the latest tapings.

    Time for Kassius to become more like his old gimmick. More arrogant than vicious and maybe cheat a little to win but look good doing it. The packed elbow pad and such.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if it's ego tbh, he's looking similar to Punk in 10/11 just so jaded of the product as if he's thinking I'm too good to be here.
  9. Well, it makes sense. If he doesn't feel motivated, he won't give his best, many people do that. I don't agree, but still.
  10. @Rain do you have any opinion on this particular subject matter?
  11. I'd probably phone it in too once I started getting WWE checks and realizing they didn't know what the fuck they were doing.
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  12. Not really, remember I didn't see several months of the product. Saw his feud with Steamboat, then when I came back he was in a random tag team with Kruger. Mostly saw jobber matches and tag matches, neither of which I really want to use to judge a man's in ring talent. Didn't see his ROH work either apart from one match.

    I can criticize his character though, this "super intelligent psychotic hobo knockout artist" thing isn't working whatsoever. It felt like they dusted off Mike Knox's old gimmick and threw it on an great indy wrestler. Getting rid of the beard is GREAT to see, he's got to get a new finisher since Wade stole his KO (and poorly too), and just simplify that character in some way.
  13. Wrestlemania season, I'm guessing.
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