What is next for Hawkins?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Now that Reks has quit to be with his wife and baby, what is next for Hawkins so that he doesn't fall back in irrelevancy?

    Personally I'd say put him back with Ryder, the two have great charisma and are very well synced in the ring. They are also former tag champs and could work well in the tag team division today.

    They could then be connected to Brodus in some way. Brodus is in a feud with Sandow, something Ryder also has experience with. Let Sandow cut into Hawkins for his stripper gig last week and then set up a feud. Have Sandow attack Brodus and Ryder and Hawkins make the save. Sandow gets some associates and have a six man feud. Ryder, Hawkins and Brodus would be like a new Too Cool. Something that is proven to be popular, Brodus can go for a mid card title and Ryder and Hawkins can feud with the PTP for the tag team titles.

    What would you do with him?
  2. I'm not sure, I really like your idea though.
  3. I think someone suggested it on here, but I would have him with Heath Slater.
  4. I like your idea Stopspot.
  5. I think the idea of teaming up Ryder and Hawkins is a good one but both of their characters have shifted. Ryder is now a face and Hawkins is still a heel and I don't think WWE will turn Hawkins face. I think the likely scenario is that Hawkins becomes a lower midcard heel or gets into a tag team with someone like Jack Swagger or David Otunga.
  6. Stop, always taking the words outta my brain. <3
  7. Curt Hawkins is gonna be jobbed out
  8. Is Hawkins really a heel though? He doesn't ever have a match, he cuts funny promos backstage not heel ones... it will be easy to pair him and Ryder up.

    Great idea.
  9. A face Hawkins and Ryder doesn't seem like a bad idea, and Hawkins can probably roll with the Broski shtick.
  10. I also thought about the same tag team.. ryder and hawkins.. they would work well together.. it would only take one match to get hawkins over if he's teamed with ryder :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Has anyone considered Ryder turning heel? and teaming up with Hawkins to be a heel tag team?
  12. Ryder's very over for a midcard face, turning him would be stupid in my opinion.
  13. Let he be single wrestler and give DAM push! He a great wrestler and wwe are fuckin dumb and don't use ever but that use GOOF ball Zack R. who FUCKIN SUCK!
  14. Okay, I was just putting it out there. I mean after all him and Hawkins were both heel when they were working with Edge.
  15. What's next for Hawkins? Probably jobbing on NXT and Superstars
  16. Yeah, but considering Ryder's current overness/gimmick it'd be silly to turn him just to put him back with Hawkins for no reason, turning Curt would benefit both as he could get over due to Ryder, I guess.
  17. Fuck Hawkins. WWE needs to bring back John Morrison to be Zack's tag team partner with Zack's Dad as their manager
  18. Fuck Morrison.
  19. Monday Night lIttle sh*te. I hate Morrison..
  20. You guys dislike Morrison? Never got any opinion on him from here since he was gone when the site started I think.
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