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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. We have a couple of people on here that watches NXT regularly and some who just keep up to date. I think a lot of us can agree that since the restructuring of NXT into strictly a wrestling show with the developmental wrestlers instead of the reality TV schtick it has become really good. I'm willing to say it is the best weekly dose of wrestling out there since it is consisten in its quality.

    I figured in this thread we could discuss what the new NXT is doing so right. that way we cand then discuss how to apply this on the two main shows.

    My first point. On NXT, wrestling matters. Matches on NXT are given proper time and don't follow the same strict script that most main roster matches does. Whilst feuds still are mainly personal or revolve around a belt the wrestling is an important aspect, not just the drama. They seem to be able to balance it out well. Even squash matches serve a purpose on NXT. Big E being the best example. They used the squash matches to build Big E up as this unstoppable force, just in time for Seth's heel turn. When an unstoppable force was needed to get the NXT title out of the Shield's clutches.

    What other things do you guys think NXT does right?
  2. I've watched it a good amount of times, and I agree on the match times. The young talent are given so much time during matches to show off their skills, and make them matter. I also enjoy how they don't drag on promos when they're boring for to long.
  3. To be honest, it's quite simple, it's a wrestling show. The show is COMPLETELY based on wrestling in all divisions. There is as much emphasis in the main event as there is with the tag-team division, and the divas division. There are no constant recaps (although there is one), no movie trailers, no plugging the app, no plugging the twitter, no random news about the company that none of us care about - it's strictly wrestling. If you put all your time on your wrestlers, you put them over wonderfully.

    NXT isn't perfect by any means, but it shows how good it is that a DEVELOPMENTAL brand consisting of young stars who aren't as good as the main roster is being labelled as the best brand in WWE by a long way.
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  4. It's one small hour that's easy to digest. Every feud doesn't have to be featured every week, every wrestler isn't shoved down your throat every week.
    Feuds have time to build and characters don't get overexposed, all the feuds are about something and most of the wrestlers have characters.
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