What is promotion X doing wrong?

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  1. Subject here is simple. Pick a promotion and name something they are doing wrong and then suggest how they can improve it.

    As much as I love what Gabe Sapolsky is doing with DGUSA and Evolve (the man is a masterful booker who can book most matches to feel important and he knows how to compliment his talents strengths) he is not a good promoter. He needs to get someone on board who can help get the product out there. DGUSA/Evolve's possibly biggest flaw is the crowd size. The product is really good and the talent some of the best on the independents and they should easily have crowds of 500+ at least but instead they have around 500-. If Gabe got someone to promote and market his product like he had with early ROH I am pretty certain that both Evolve and DGUSA would rise in popularity even faster than it already is. And it is moving along at a decent pace right now.
  2. NOAH - They're not making any buzz about their product and haven't for a while, they need a new star to step into Kobiashi's shoes as their main guy and as much as I love KENTA he isn't the guy they went him to be. My solution? Throw money at Okada and make him your franchise player, whilst it'd be a challenge to be Tanahashi (Cena) it's as close as you're gonna get by picking up the equivalent to Punk.
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  3. PWG - Needs to improve their own online store and shipping. I've read multiple reports of people not even receiving their orders and not getting refunded. When a lot of their money is made off merch they should work on improving that.
  4. ROH - needs to stop making practically every wrestler impersenate Davey's style also stop being WWE lite with the production, your budget won't stretch to it.
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  5. AJPW - Needs to work on building new stars. I can't think of one young big star in AJPW at the moment.
  6. CMLL - Stop recreating the Mistico gimmick for god's sake, especially not for Dragon Lee. Something fresh please.
  7. CZW - Stop trying to kill your wrestlers. Hardcore is good and all but some of their matches I think they want one of the guys to die.
  8. Chikara - You have a great market with the luchas advertise everywhere your 10 pence budget will allow, also push Chuck Taylor to the moon.
  9. Dragon Gate Japan - Should make their product more easy to get a hold of for non-Japanese fans. They are missing out on the international fans that NJPW are playing towards.
  10. Preston City Wrestling - You have a great niche with the UK crowds tour all over the country and you could own this country outside of when the E or TNA rolls into town.
  11. Preston City - Also get ahold of White Lightning Mark Andrews. Possibly the best high flyer in England that's not tied to one of the big two.
  12. THIS!

    ROH - you're doing 80% of your stuff wrong. Bring some comedy into the show, fire Jim and Davey, make the product great again and an alternative.

    DGUSA/EVOLVE - do better hype and promoting, please.
  13. Agreeing on both points. Cornette's already done so it's one step in the right direction for ROH :cornette:
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  14. bumping this.

    DGUSA/Evolve need to get a second man on the commentary team. Lenny Leonard is doing well on his own but he is no Joey Styles and he is also doing ring announcing. Get him someone to ease the burden.
  15. TNA - please hire the new marketing team.
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