What is "PURE: Professional Wrestling"? (First Thing You Should Read)

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What is "PURE: Professional Wrestling"? To answer that, let's start with what it is not.

PURE is where "Actions Speak Louder Than Words". This isn't an efed, this isn't just a "league", this is something more.

PURE aims to bring the worlds of fantasy sports, esports play, and league play into one hub of pure, competitive action.

Mayhem led to a mass Exodus that couldn't be stopped, and the Ignition of a new era could only hold off the inevitable for a short time. The WWE Games Xbox League died a long and stressful death after a few years of modest success under the leadership of some the best minds to ever step around here.

But every end leads to a new beginning...

The past is the past, and
PURE looks to the future of WWE games.

By implementing aspects from the efed community, the league community and the fantasy sports community,
PURE aims to make the most interactive, competitive and player friendly experience possible.

Using a tournament based structure, PURE ensures that everyone gets a fair shot at claiming the ultimate prize, the PURE World Championship. The first round of every tournament is decided at random, brackets will, in theory, be different every single time.

Of course, there is a secondary, more "free-form", championship. For details on that, head on over to the rules/conduct thread https://wweforums.net/threads/pure-rules-and-code-of-conduct.70981/ and look at the bottom of the post.

The Social Media Central functions to provide individuals a place to interact with fans and the roster of
PURE alike.

If you aren't a member of the roster, you are encouraged to interact with the world of
PURE: Professional Wrestling as a fan and post in our Social Media Central, post in the General Discussion, make forum bets on any and every aspect of PURE. Forum and roster members alike can voice their opinions and desires; let it be known what you want to see here.

You don't want to compete? That's fine, and here's why.

Most leagues ban and shun the idea of non-competitive entities from joining their ranks, but at
PURE, it is encouraged.

You want to be someone that hold interviews with members of the roster? Sign-up, get accepted, and go right ahead! You want to have your own
PURE news or dirtsheet thread? Then again, sign-up, get accepted, and you got it! There are many things that can be done in PURE, all you have to do is ask and sign-up! The only thing unavailable, due to game limitations and glitches it would cause, is the option of being a manager. Should this be resolved in-game, then it will be allowed.

PURE is giving control back to the community. Interact and let your voice be heard.
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