what is so good nxt

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  1. why do every 1 like nxt so much it is a bit boring in it let me no what u think thanks
  2. NXT is by far the best product which WWE is producing. They have so much amazing talent there which will eventually end up on Raw/Smackdown. If you watch it weekly you'll become fond, most people only think it's boring because it doesn't have Superstars like Cena, Punk, Orton.

    You've got to remember that NXT is WWE's development programme.
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  3. what i am saying is that some of them u never see a gane thou
  4. Pure wrestling.
    Not soap operas
    Awesome matches
    Just one hour long (1'30 would be okay with me)
    HHH and Dusty are awesome
    Regal as commentator
    Maddox as commentator
    The awesome roster we have got:

    Neville and his crazy skills
    Wyatt and his awesome gimmick
    Big E is so damn over
    Ohno is great
    El Generico..... He's god
    Graves is a badass

    Awesome divas like Paige or summer Rae
    The crowd
    People like Cesaro are usually around
    Some main event guys come from time to time
    The arena ( Dat yellow)
    Wyatt's them LOL
    And like when the vignettes of this guys are shown in Raw/SD it's cool and exciting to see how that guy who you have liked in the development programme is going to work in the main roster ( Same happens when you watch the guy in the indies)
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  5. Great post, summed pretty much everything up.
  6. so what u saying is that i shad watch it Evan thou it is boring
  7. Must not forget Bo Dallas and his new gimmick.

    Da John Cena Gimmick. He's gold
  8. It's not boring at all, maybe at first when you don't know what's going on.. But as soon as you get into the feuds, NXT tursn out to be awesome :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Hey if you don't like it there's no need to watch it if that's how you feel. It's not for everyone.

    Odd thing is if someone does really well they "graduate" onto Raw and if they do terribly they wind up in the indies. When a guy you like moves up to Raw it just makes you super happy that that little guy you followed before anyone else is moving up the ranks so they can have their lovable characters seen by millions and then ruined by WWE Creative :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. yer but it must be fikst thou cos thay rite story lines for them when they get on raw
  11. What language are you trying to speak?
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  12. NXT is wonderful. It's a lot more organized and women and men are treated equally in terms of promos and length of matches. Plus, it doesn't drag on and on like RAW/SD with their recaps and advertisements of the WWE App and shit like that. The only time there's recaps on an NXT episode is the first 2-3 minutes of the episode, then the rest is pure wrestling. The only way someone would think NXT is boring is because you don't have your favorite wrestlers on it. That's it. And the main roster sometimes show up on NXT. Antonio Cesaro was just on it feuding with an NXT wrestler, and before that Shield made an appearance. Sheamus is going to be on NXT soon as well.
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  13. Have you met Respect Gohan6425

    Gohan this is gareth, gareth this is gohan.
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  14. leik dis statoos if u cant undrstan w0t he sain
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  15. Sami Zayn

    End of argument.

    Oh yeah, and what all the other smart people who posted above me said.
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  20. I don't know how someone can misspell so many words...
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  21. You know you fucker, it took me 4 months to fix the fourth wall, and here you go fucking it up again :angry:
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