What is something you learned from the member above you?

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  1. This is not a game, but kinda feels like one... But isn't.

    Just share something that the member above you has taught you.
    You can be serious and humble, but I know most of you will just turn this into banter.
    Probably not a good idea that I am first on the list either...
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    there are pussies that I hate now~
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  3. Taught me fluent Flemish (already forgot it tho haha sorry Indy bro)
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  4. Taught me how to be a MAN
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  5. DK James taught me doing drugs is cool
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  6. Dat Kid taught me how to treat the whores
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  7. Shadow taught me you can be gay but not a fgt.
  8. Solid snake taught me that not all cats are evil
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