What is Sting's motivation? Why is he back?

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  1. I'd like to get your thoughts, not on a storyline but on why Sting is 'back' kayfabe wise?
    He seems to be challenging HHH, but why?
    Is it possible HHH was the reason Sting never signed with WWE after his contract ran out (kayfabe)?
    Did HHH's political influence scare Sting away at the time?

    Those are my best guesses, what are yours?
    What will WWE come up with to explain Sting's arrival in WWE?
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  2. I came here thinking this was about why he signed (non-kayfabe) and had a list in my head but this is cooler.

    I guess wanting to prove all the 'doubters' wrong could be one. Oh maybe he saw the need for the vigilante because of The Authority's actions.
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  3. Sting must see HHH as an obvious disciple of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.
    Hall and Nash were 'Outsiders' who didn't respect the wrestlers' creed of respecting one another's business.

    HHH is doing to WWE talent what his NWO brethren did to him in '96. Involving Hall and Nash to side with HHH would be cool. Even aligning Hogan with Sting (to right the wrongs of the past) would be great.

    The match wouldn't involve the others, but would allow the story to move along since Sting and the WWE 'rejects' have nothing else in common.
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  4. I doubt WWE will go that far back but that sounds awesome.
  5. Nothing that in depth. HHH is a bad guy and Sting is a good guy who will wan to liberate the WWE from HHH. I can't imagine how fast the average live crowd consisting of kids would fall asleep with Sting/HHH talking about politics from the 90s lol
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  6. I think that is 100% accurate. Even when Sting first came to TNA it wasn't because of past issues. His character didn't like what Jeff Jarrett was doing and simply stepped in to "right the wrong." I have a feeling it's just that with the Authority.
  7. What you've said is likely accurate but this is Wrestlemania season and they have two months to promote this match.
    I can't see HHH not involving the bells and whistles since he has the power to do so.
    I'm hard pressed to believe the NWO won't make an appearance. It's too easy to pass up since Hall is well and all the participants of that time are under the WWE umbrella.

    I'm in agreement the fans may turn on it, but it isn't as if WWE won't do exactly what they want considering the time and resources they have at their disposal.
  8. Hunter's the bad guy, Sting's the good guy. Plain and simple.
    There's a real possibility they'll have the 'Loser is gone from WWE' kinda match at Mania, I mean it's been speculated for a while now.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the HHH/Sting face-off at Fast Lane.

    Wondering if they are actually gonna be talking which would ultimately lead to a brawl, or will it be in HHH/Taker style from a few years ago, like they both look at the WM sign, don't say a word and there we have it...
  9. They're just trying to recreate the whole vigilante, dark protector persona that was Sting when he was at his most popular in WCW. Back then, the New World Order threatened the very foundation and tradition that WCW stood for, and now, he sees The Authority as an almost equally oppressive, power-hungry force that he knows needs to be stopped before it becomes too big to do anything about.

    As for referencing anything from the past, Triple H has been knocking Sting in those sit-down wwe.com interviews with Michael Cole, saying that the reason he never came to WWE before is likely because he was afraid of having to step in the ring with him (HHH.) Given that this would be around the time that HHH's "reign of terror" title reign would have been, they can even have Hunter reference how beating the best of what WCW had to offer (Bill Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Booker T., even his good buddy Kevin Nash) must have scared Sting away.

    It'd also be epic to see them unabashedly try to recreate one of the GOAT WCW moments:

    Just have former NWO members Hall, Nash, and X-Pac (a nice nod to the old Sting vs NWO days, and guys they've already established as Hunter's buddies on-screen) team with Kane, Big Show (heh, another former member of the NWO), and maybe Rollins one night to gang up and attack Sting, and then have Sting appear out of nowhere and have him start whooping their ass with a bat. He then calls Triple H in the ring and they have a brief physical interaction just as Sting and Hogan did in the video. Just replace Dennis Rodman warming Hogan up with Stephanie yelling "Get him!" to Hunter or something. Maybe this could be what goes down at Fast Lane.
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  10. True about the two months, but we have no reason to believe Sting will show up before Fast Lane. He's already appeared for 2 of his 6 contract appearances... Fast Lane will be 3 and Wrestlemania 4 (not in sequence) . So that gived them 2 Raw appearances and Fast Lane to tell the story.

    Sting's greatest success was as the anti NWO Crow figure who didn't speak a word for 18 months. No reason to believe he won't be that again.

    Though I hope you're right because I want more story.
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  11. Yeah, I feel that they're going to stick with the "good guy stepped in to stop the Authority's reign of terror" gimmick. Which is fine by me. I will bet, however, that Triple H, being the mastermind heel that he is, will dive deeper and make it more personal and bring up things about being jealous of Nash, Hall, the NWO, etc.....and Sting is simply trying to attack Triple H because he's friends of theirs. Triple H will make this feud that much bigger because, much like Paul Heyman, he's that damn good at it.
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  12. I would assume Sting would want to come back for one last run in the WWE, but having come back, he's seen The Authority and how they're hindering great wrestlers like Bryan and Ziggler, so it's up to him to help make way for a new generation. I don't know about the history behind Sting and Triple H, but this would be good enough for newer fans like myself. Triple H, kayfabe, is a dick and a half. Sting's getting massive pops and is a badass and a half. Let them fight, and Sting saves us from The Authority. Best face 2K15.
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  13. Well, here's a little update, since it's related to Sting, I'll just put it here.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0128/588979/backstage-update-on-sting-return-to-wwe-tv/
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  14. I really hope they do a live Sting promo soon then. I think that would happen at Fast Lane, but I'm getting really excited to hear from him.
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  15. HHH tends to break kayfabe when he scripts his promos.
    With it being Wrestlemania season, I have to believe he's going to make the most of this feud as it will likely be a one-off deal.
    I'm on board for Taker and Sting tagging at some point, but it will be a rare day where somebody is important enough to warrant a singles match with him.

    Although, if the payoff were big enough, Bryan could use the rub since the WWE disses his a** so much in cringeworthy moments.
  16. Sting will return to tell the WWE and the World that he will be undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and come back as a Diva - Stinga !
  17. You've been obsessed with this gender reassignment surgery thing as of late.
    Will you be undergoing one and you're (in a subtle way) asking for our opinion on it?
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  18. Freud referred to it as projection
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  19. Sting is there to right the wrongs like he was in WCW with the nWo. Wherever evil strikes in a wrestling organization, Sting is there to vanquish it!!!
  20. You have to laugh you know - when folks can't tell that they're being 'yanked.' <w>
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