What is the best way to win a debate?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by seabs, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Attack - You launch all your ideas straight at your opposite, you know you're right so you'll go in all guns blazing and demand the others fall in line with your views.

    Defense - You sit back and keep your cards close to your chest, letting your opponent present their arguments and allow yourself to manipulate their views to contradict to a level their credibility is shred or pick apart each argument due to it being broken into pieces.

    Some other form of the above two or another completely different idea.

    This thread stemmed whilst I was reading a subreddit on Platonic philosophy which has a been a subject I've started gaining slight interest in recently, mainly stemming from History of Philosophy podcast I've listened to recently. The quote was :

  2. Me personally I would probably be more defensive. Let them talk and talk, and then eventually tear and shred their point of views.
  3. Counter attacking then release the big guns in a spree.
  4. Yep. :vince:
  5. kill your opponent so you have nobody to debate with
  6. Nice idea. :vince:
  7. I don't know, I'm horrible in debates. :sad:
  8. You can just say "Well we have Neymar" and win.
  9. I know that feeling bro, sadly I tend to think I'm good at them lol.
  10. :upset:
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  11. They're still talking about that guy? Hadn't heard about him for a while fortunately so I thought his hype or whatever was gone.

    Yeah, I'm more like exposing my opinion, if the guy agrees fine, if he doesn't, I agree to disagree easily because I normally can't bother continuin the debate.
  12. I've been interested in debate for a long time. I like to consider myself pretty good at debates in general, but it really depends on the subject. If it's one I care and know a lot about, then I am really good.

    Anyway, when it comes to a professional debate, it helps to have professional debate training. There are technical aspects to a debate that you need to master in order to win, and one of them is also knowing how to manage a clock. This won't go for debates on the interweb, of course, but when it comes to actual professional debating, you only have so much time to give your opening statements, rebuttals and closing statements. Many professional debaters will say that going first in a debate is an advantage because it allows you to 'define the terms' of the debate, but I would personally think that going second would give you the advantage because it allows you to get the last word in.

    Also be aware that some debaters pull out little tricks, one which is called the 'Shotgun Approach.' This is when someone throws out several points all at once, knowing that their opponent won't be able to answer all of them in the time they're given, and then when they don't, they will say "See, by not answering my point about X, he is allowing that point to stand as true." And then when the debater defends himself/herself by explaining why that's not true, all he/she is really doing is taking time away that should be spent on their other arguments, which hurts their chances of winning. So, if you ever end up in a professional debate - and I doubt anyone here ever will - watch out for dirty tricks like this.

    Overall, I think debate training as well as debate experience is really the key to winning and convincing people that your POV is the more rational and plausible one. It also all depends on how you word things and how you articulate them, and how well you present your information on your side of the argument. Same goes when someone like the President speaks - how well you receive what he says depends not just on what he says, but how he presents himself, his mannerisms and matter of speaking and such.
  13. You know what I always say "when in doubt, whip it out" and by whip it out I mean your penis.

    Who wants to argue with you when your penis is hanging out, it's like an automatic win. :true:
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  14. Making points that can directly influence outside parties
  15. Pull out a gun. You will not only win the argument, you'll get some money too! :haha:
  16. This way:

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