What is The Future of Velvet Sky?

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Jun 19, 2015.

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    It was late January and Velvet Sky thought she was doing the right thing for her boyfriend, Robbie E. Robbie was competing in “Feast or Fired”, it is Impact Wrestling’s version of The Hunger Games, and while three competitors “Feast” one is dealt with the fact that they will be “fired.” All competitors enter “Feast or Fired” under their own discretion and most jump at the fact because you have a 75% chance of leaving with a Championship opportunity. Well, for Velvet Sky, who wasn’t even competing in the match, she paid the ultimate price.

    See, if you go back and relive “Feast or Fired” 2015 you’ll see Velvet climb the turnbuckle and secure the briefcase for Robbie E and at the the briefcase reveal, Robbie did the math, realized he had a 50% chance of getting fired and put Velvet in the hotseat and Velvet was indeed fired from Impact Wrestling. Needless to say, Velvet and Robbie’s relationship ended there.

    Impact Officials felt terrible. However, Robbie found a loophole. Now that Velvet has resurfaced amongst the crowds at Impact Wrestling and has been making her way back on Impact Television, Officials have made a ruling. That ruling will be announced tomorrow on Impact Wrestling’s official preview show.



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