What is the male equivalent to cleavage?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Jan 2, 2016.

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  1. I honestly can't think of one thing that all women stare at or gush over. What would be the male's equivalent to the female's cleavage?
  2. It has to be universal. Most men don't have abs nor walk around in belly shirts. lol
  3. Well, there you go. Booty is your answer.
  4. Yeah but how many guys even have booties? Let alone women that look at said booties?
  5. Stop staring at my dick dammit
  6. Don't we all have booties? :smirk2:
  7. bulge. The obvious answer is bulge
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  8. some nice hairy forearm, imho
  9. Butts yes but a "booty" is one that stick out, that has shape and weight to it. That is why we always say "look at that booty!" for women and not men. Then again, maybe some women do say that. I don't socialize outside of my pineapple under the sea.
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  10. The gooch region.
  11. I've heard biceps and chest.
  12. There is some irony there. lol I guess I can see that but still, I never hear of or see women checking out a man's chest.
  13. Yeah though, besides your privates I'd probably go with the face in general. A girl can usually tell if they're going to give us the time of day by a glance.
  14. Did you just quote yourself? lol

    I am beginning to think it is the face or certain parts of the face. It is kind of hard to tell what a dude is packing.
  15. Wanted to have a serious response too alright
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  16. Ever heard a girl talk about a guy's jaw line? They love that shit
  17. Yeah see facial features... jaws, eyes, hair, lips, ect.
  18. Also some women... well most women love beards. Just saying.
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