What is the most iconic weapon in WWE/WWF history?

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  1. What do YOU think the most iconic weapon (ladder, chair, sledge hammer etc) in WWE/WWF history is?
  2. Ladder IMO as WWE were the ones to introduce it.
  3. HHH's sledgehammer
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    Didn't Stampede do them before the E, I'm pretty sure that's why Bret and Shawn did it at a house show before HBK / Razor
  5. Oh they did? In that case I dunno, probably the chair.
  6. Damien the snake
  7. Hornswoggle
  8. Sting's baseball bat
    Triple H's sledgehammer
    Dudleys' tables
    Foley/Jack's barb wire bat
    Regal's knucks
    Jeff Jarrett guitar
  9. The Sledge Hammer - Triple H
    Tables, Ladders and Chair
  10. Hammer maybe?
  11. Al Snow's Head. No other object has gotten a louder pop from the crowd
  12. Spanish announcing table. /thread.
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  13. Triple H's sledgehammer
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  15. Well, technically they were cheering for the dudley's getting a table & not the actual table. :troll:
  16. Barbie and Flaming Barbie were pretty iconic in HIAC matches at one point.
  17. Sledge Hammer. :bury: