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  1. *Antonio is sitting in his looker room, looking at the contract that Will Neilson handed him, he looks concerned. His facial expression quickly changes when Alex walks in the door with some good ish news*
    Hey man, what's up? Is it good?
    Well Actually yes, it is kinda of good, but I don't think you are gonna like it either way.
    Okayyy continue.
    Well basically I was thinking and there's some good news about this whole Will Neilson stuff.
    Right so, what are you trying to say Alex spit it out mate

    Well, he said he doubts that he will beat Buster Gates and handed you that contract, soooo let's say he beats Big Money Buster and gets through to the finals of this championship tournament. That's got you thinking right? Yeah so what if he goes on and wins the title?
    *Antonios expression once again chances, he starts pacing round his looker room and begins to speak in a thinking type of voice*
    Sooooo what I'm thinking is if he does go on and win the Championship, I can use this for a non title match, and then when I beat his ass in a non title match, I will be the number 1 contender for the championship, then when I get a match for the title I will kick his ass again and become the champion
    Exactly Tony exactly... so in other words we need to find a way to get Will to the Championship and not Buster. So this week's match is a tables match soooo anything can happen I guess
    You thinking what Im thinking?

    I think so buddy
    There's a knock at the door of Antonios locker room he doesn't know whether to answer or not
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  2. *Antonio speculates to let whoever knocked on the door in, before he can make that decision Jefferey Styles walks in, Will Neilson is not with him.*

    Jeff: Good evening Mr. Stark, about that contract we gave you earlier. The only reason Mr. Neilson gave you that contract is a last resort. Ahem... Mr. Neilson said quote quote 'He is probs too stupid to know what a last resort is, so Jeff look it up in the dictionary and tell him.' I indeed did do that, and have found out that a last resort is a desperate option. What I'm getting at here is that it is win, win for Mr. Neilson. If he defeats Mr. Gates then he is one step closer to the World championship, and if he loses to Mr. Gates then he gets to quote quote 'Kick the McDonalds out of your ass.' You see.... Mr. Neilson doesn't care about World titles, all he cares about is putting on the greatest match ever, he respects everyone who steps into the ring with him, friend or foe. You Mr. Stark are an exception to that, and Mr. Neilson will hopefully be seeing you next week.

    *Jeff walks out of the locker room, and Antonio Stark can't believe what Jeff just said to him, the camera fades out.*
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