What is TNA doing right?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. There seems to be a lot of negativity around TNA at times sure they fuck up but who doesn't? So this threads will be a chance to list the positives in TNA. For example the way they've booked Austin Aries since his return on the whole as been good.
  2. A double is fantastic. The whole X division will save that company if only they knew how to use the talent.

    Bring back Kendrick!!! He is a phenomenal talent!

    They are making the right steps in getting rid of Russo! Now hopefully the new writers can make the stories interesting

    More pushes for better talent!
  3. Stop ducking me. Answer my challenge, since my phone isn't allowing me to create new topics, can someone make a darksidetrin vs randy savage TNA bet thread for me?

    What happened to the rest of this thread?? Lol
  4. I junked half of the posts in it, was getting too off topic for me. It was becoming a negative thread which I wanted to avoid.
  5. The matches. They're given epic wrestlers good time in the ring, Aries for example. Also the booking of Roode keeping the title for quite a long period is great. The knockouts getting wrestling time is also good.
  6. TNA teh fucksors sucksors can't wait till out busyness cuz they no know how be good wrestlers
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  7. Taking in former WWE wrestlers.
  8. Goldberg when are you going to sign with TNA bro? They could use the star power
  9. TNA does cruiser weight/light heavyweight wrestling and women's wrestling pretty well.

    Some of their main event guys (Anderson, Roode, Storm, Angle, probably one or two I'm forgetting) are good in-ring performers, but they tend to get overshadowed (although the Sting-Roode feud could be good if they book the ending right, but I don't know if they have the cojones to let Roode curb-stomp Stinger).


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  10. Phenomenal mic workers who can back it up in the ring.
    Matches that never leave you bored (unless you know they will be by who's in them)
    Using people right, guys like James Storm can be a badass face over in TNA instead of "fitting the mold"
    Creative booking decisions, finding less generic ways to advance feuds
    The individual divisions are featured well and are the backbone to the show.
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