What Is Wrong With Randy Orton?

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  1. You know the deal, back with some words.

    Our current WWE World Heavyweight Champion is an old chap named Randy Orton. Randy has been a staple on WWE's main roster since 2002, we've been looking at his face on a weekly basis for 12 years. Seems like yesterday he was clean shaven and opening RAW with a face to face promo with The Rock. OH HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

    If I recall correctly, Randy was suppose to become the early 21stcentury version of Steve Austin, he was suppose to be the man. Now, technically, being the top champion in the company would grand you the figurative title of "the guy", this is most definitely not the case.

    About 3 weeks ago, I popped in Undertakers latest DVD, "The Streak" and I watched a couple matches on there. One of them was against Orton at Wrestlemania 21, pretty good match! As Undertaker reversed Randy's attempt at a tombstone piledriver, I thought to myself, "what the hell happened to this guy?" Undertaker planted his knees in to the canvas and the three count was delivered, but I was unsatisfied. The screen faded to the menu, with it, it took a more youthful Undertaker and a young man that had all of the potential in the world.

    Now, Randy was doing quite well for himself up until early 2012. He was involved in some great matches with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker (after WM 21), John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, Kofi and so on. He was also doing some great work as a character during those years, things were looking way up for him. Then 2012 hit, Randy was paired with Kane at Wrestlemania 28... and he lost. The feud made no sense and was a complete waste of time. Fast forward to May, of that year, and he was suspended for two months for smoking pot, not for juicing or getting pilled up, for smoking an drug that shouldn't even be illegal. This is where I believe his decline started. The fans became sick of him, everyone complained that he was boring in both promos and matches and quite honestly, they were right. Coming off a stellar 6 match series with Christian a year earlier, you could really tell that he had lost his flare. Excluding those few Ziggler matches, I don't think anyone remembers what happened in the last half of 2012 involving Randy Orton, because I sure don't. Things got even worse in 2013, after feuding with The Shield, he was then in a stupid three way feud with Sheamus and Big Show, which he was clearly not very interested in!

    Now, I hate doing these history lessons, I like to point out certain moments as reference over anything, so I'll get to my point. Orton has wrestled a lot of people, he's interacted with legends that basically no one else on the current roster has and at this point and now, I think he's just plain bored. Regardless of what position he's been in over the past two years, he's never been the focal point of that position. He is currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and no one cares. Daniel Bryan has basically been feuding with Triple H and his henchman since Summerslam, Randy Orton has never mattered once since. You couple that with fans getting on him for being boring and stale and you have yourselves a willingly defeated man.

    Sounds depressing, but there's no real explanation behind it, Randy Orton doesn't matter anymore and he doesn't care. He knows what he was suppose to become, Undertaker, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels knew what he was suppose to become and at 33 years old, disappointment seems to have influenced his work ethic and drive. I mean, who's ever heard of a transitional champion that held a title for 7 months? That's just unfortunate.

    I can't predict the future for young Randall, will he live out the rest of his career in mediocrity or will things change? I guess that's up to him and the 300 people that write a 3 hour show every week.

    That'll do it for me, let me know your thoughts on Randy and whether or not you feel the same!


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  2. Simple - the business fucked up

    should have been bigger than rock, austin and cena
  3. Are you serious? I was told to post here from now on, now where am I being moved?
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  5. He needs to take a break, after working over 10 years in the main-event picture
  6. He's alive, that's what is wrong with him!
    No but seriously idk needs to take a break from being on screen whether it be forced upon him or be accidental via injury.
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  7. Okay, I'm going to start this with one rather minor point: Orton got caught smoking pot, "a drug that shouldn't even be illegal". Honestly, I agree with you that it should be legal in all 50 States and the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. But it's not. It's legal in two States. And even in those States, the use of marijuana is regulated by companies, which are still free to restrict/test their employees for use and take punitive measures (up to termination) so long as it is stated in their employee code of conduct that they don't allow their employees to use it. Again, I think it's silly, but it's legal and it's done. WWE has a policy of not allowing its wrestlers/Superstars to smoke marijuana (among other things) and Orton was caught doing it. So, he was punished. In answer to your OP, that's what the problem is with Randy Orton.

    Look, Orton is the prototype for what a pro wrestler/sports entertainer should look like. He's a good-looking, tall, athletically-built guy who has quickness, strength, and (some people would argue this point) charisma. When JBL says on commentary that if you were going to build a sports entertainer from scratch, he would look like Randy Orton, he's absolutely right. The guy's capable of putting on amazing matches and cutting very strong promos. The places where he's been deficient as an in-ring performer are things he's worked on in the last 18 months. And, despite his deficiencies, he's still one of the top guys in the business.

    But, to an extent, he's still looked at as a little unreliable. Every time he's been suspended for violating the wellness policy (and the other suspensions he dealt with earlier in his career for violating the company's code of conduct), he's been close to the top and going up. Now, for what it's worth, since he became a father, he doesn't seem to be having those problems and all reports say he's one of the most reliable guys in the locker room. For all that you ask what's wrong with him, he's the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he's semi-feuding with the top babyface in the company (after he feuded with the two top babyfaces in the company upon winning the WWE Championship and unifying the titles) and, either way, he's main eventing Wrestlemania.

    In short, nothing's really wrong with Randy Orton. He had his problems and he's cleaned up his act. Right now, if anything, he's a victim of circumstance because you've got a face who's so over that damn near everyone else on the show (including John Cena, who could arguably be called the "Face of Pro Wrestling" for the last decade) is taking a backseat to the "Yes! Movement" and Daniel Bryan. He was never going to be as big as Austin or the Rock, but nobody is because pro wrestling is not going to enjoy that same level of mainstream success. Orton's fine. Does he need a break? Probably.

    That's what I got.

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  8. At the same time in the two major companies the two world champions are booked the same. They're both guys who cannot win a match and are only champion because Hunter/Dixie wants them to (until Lockdown, but you get the point). They've both logically been booked into oblivion. But lets compare the two: With Magnus, when he comes out you want to boo. You see a star, you see a world champion as he coming down the ramp to do some shady heel business. You remember he has the belt when you aren't watching the show. None of that applies with Randy despite virtually the same booking. Randy just isn't that big of a star.
  9. He is the worst kind of heel, it's the same reason i cant stand Chris Sabin. Whiny bitch heel paper champion. What could be worse.
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  10. I think this has to do with the way the companies' foci have been. TNA keeps Magnus as the center of its shows while WWE has so many different "centers of attention" and all of them are overshadowed by D-Bry. It's easy to forget that Orton's the Champ because he's not going to be the face in the main event (we assume that will be Bryan) and he's not going to be the bigger/biggest heel (Batista will definitely out-heel him and HHH will out-heel him if he's in the match also). So, Orton's just kinda there.

    It's actually a little sad.

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  11. Preach.
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  12. My problem with Randy Orton is laziness. The cat doesn't try. In '04, he wanted to be a face... he couldn't find his niche. That's fine, considering the circumstances.
    He turned heel, and stunk. He was so bad they hooked him up with daddy to get more heat attached to him. It wasn't until Edge showed him how to work a crowd (07 ish), that Randy began to shine
    Mind you, by this team he was NOT a good mic worker, he just knew how to work the crowd through facial expressions and an offbeat character in a largely sterile climate (plus some well written storylines)
    So he turned face and while he STILL didn't know how to work the stick, he griped about turning heel again.
    They turned him heel and he still sucks on the mic.... all in large part due to lack of effort. Countless guys would rather work heel: HHH, Cena (Yes), Punk, Y2J. All those cats made it work and Orton refuses. It's that simple.

    What's wrong with Orton? He's been coddled and allowed to skirt by with an entitled attitude. He's never lacked so never developed a real drive. Despite setbacks, he doesn't have the proverbial chip on his back needed to overachieve
  13. I could reiterate everyone else, as they summed up my whole argument. However I'll throw my own touch on it and proclaim that Blandy Boreton is just too damn boring today, seen him too long, and he doesn't know his place in wwe.
  14. Orton could be good, but this bowing to the authority because they are literally the only reason he is champ is fucking cabbage. #2 name in WWE for a decade plus, and he looks green as broccoli.
  15. Off-topic, I know, but, really? I don't think I've ever heard that.

  16. he's just a boring shithead
  17. Fantastic thread. I can't contribute much because my internet will just continue to cut out, but I need you to know that this was a great thread.
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  18. If I were in his shoes, I'd probably be bored and a little unmotivated, too. He's only 33 (I think) and that's about the age that most guys hit their prime and thus usually get the biggest push of their careers. Yet Randy was pushed at such a young age (he debuted in the WWE at age 22, and became the youngest world champion of any wrestling promotion in history at the tender age of 24) that by the time he's reached the point in his career that he's at now, he's pretty much peaked and done just about that he can do. What is there really left to accomplish? He's won the Royal Rumble, headlined Wrestlemania (and is about to do so again), won the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championships a multiple number of times, is a Triple-Crown Champion, has main-evented several PPVs and has been in several marquee feuds with top names like Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, John Cena, Batista, Triple H, Mick Foley, etc., and done just about all he could with his different face and heel personas. And this is over a period of nearly twelve long years.

    The Rock was a similar way, having gotten his push to super-stardom at about the same age and already done it out (but done it better) before he was even thirty... the only difference is that Hollywood came a-calling, and The Rock answered and opened up the door to a new and fresh career opportunity for him to prosper in.
  19. overthinking it lads

    great at everything, fucked up by company

    end of thread
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