What is your beverage of choice?

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  1. Well this will be my LQ thread of the week, it's pretty much just straight due to my curiosity after having the same discussion with my class the other day..

    What is your beverage (non-alcoholic) of choice? and for those of you who are of age to drink alcohol which alcoholic beverage do you like the most?

    I'll answer this being a 23 year old.. and legally allowed to drink.

    My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is ginger-ale followed closely by just regular water.
    My favorite alcoholic beverage is a 7 and 7 which is Seagram's Seven Crown and 7 Up mixed.
  2. Smoothie. Not an alcohol drinker.
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  3. What kind of smoothie bro don't be vague :tyson:
  4. Most fruits, mostly blueberries and acai.
  5. JD Honey and Coke
    Vodka and Red Bull/Green monster

    Coca Cola Life
  6. Pepsi

    Rum in coke
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  7. warm up your JD honey for like 15 secs in the microwave and test it out once, really makes it just perfect. So damn smooth.

    Non-Alcoholic - Water, i need it.
    Alcoholic - How much time do you have. Jameson for my Whiskey, Glenfiddich when i'm paid, and Fat Tire for beer. Drinking beer and Whiskey together (say game day at the bar) I could give a fuck less what kind of beer. Pitcher and a double jameson neat with a glass of water.

    Go to the bar you regular next time, and ask for a double neat, it'll show you how new the bartender is, or how much they like you. Couple weeks ago I stopped in at this place I liked when I was younger with some buddies, and got my double jameson neat. Had to have gotten at least 4 shots worth for 5$ including tip (was 3.50 ffs)......on the other hand i have paid the double price for 1.5-2 shots on occasion. It hurts, but evens out wonderfully.
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  8. I'll try that the next time I get some. It's about £25 a litre here, so I don't buy it that much!
  9. for a .75? You paying a fee for a buddy, aren't you. It's about $17-20 here for a .75, however, there are other brands that make it well also. Just don't put the coke in before the microwave...just for anyone else reading this, i know Jono wouldnt.

    ETA shit didnt see litre. Still looks a tad steep.
  10. £25 for 1 litre. Fee for a buddy? What?
  11. The adult purchasing takes a fee off the top. I know I paid one back when.
  12. I buy my own? :dawg:

    Why would I need someone to buy it forme?
  13. Arent you only 18? I can't be expected to know the age deal between countries, damn you're lucky.
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  14. Yeah, and it's 18 to drink here :lol1:
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  15. You ever make liquor balls with your pizza?
  16. Nope, explain?
  17. Just regular water here... sometimes, but rarely, a SoBE Lifewater..

    I quit drinking almost 15 years ago because I am a terrible drunk... not violent, but very loud, loose of tongue, and uncaring of who might be around me.
  18. Non-alcoholic:
    Apple juice mainly

    Vodka and cranberry/pineapple juice
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  19. Your mom's vagina juice. :pipebomb:
  20. Really though. Vodka >
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