What is your Dream Match?

The Phenom

The Wrestling God

Hulk Hogan vs John Cena. Hulkamania vs Cenation. The Undertaker vs Sting. The Phenom vs The Icon. Dolph Ziggler vs Shawn Michaels. The Show-Off vs The Showstopper.

We always dream about the WWE matches that never came to be. We spend our free time thinking about matches that could never happen unless or until Vince McMahon continues to snipe away talent from indie promotions, Japan, and "around the world".

But what about the current WWE roster? Aren't there matches that we have either never seen or haven't seen in a long time that fans are calling for? With the influx of international or indie stars like Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Cesaro, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and co, we now have a list of dream match-creating machines.
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