What is your dream scenario for TNA in 2013?

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  1. With so many important changes seemingly occurring, what would be your dream scenario for TNA this year?

    Personally, I'm hoping for vast success on the road both financially and commercially. I don't want the decisions they are taking to put TNA on the map big time to bite them in the ass, because we all know that is what TNA needs to do. Furthermore, I am hoping for Hardy & BVB to drop the TNA title ASAP.

    I think then I'd like to see a shake up with the GM spot. Probably not a popular decision and I understand why (Hogan is fine in small doses), but Hogan is smothering and can seriously affect my viewing sometimes. Lastly, I'm hoping for a swerve to get me interested in A&8's, and for old-timers like Jarrett and Eric to have nothing to do with it.

    What about you?
  2. I fuck assmacher. I'd be fine with that entirely.

    Honestly i really like the AA roode deal for all the belts, and would like to see how that goes while hardy keeps the belt until april, when he loses in a 3 way with both, with AA pinning roode or vice versa. I'd keep A&8s but shame Tazz and kick him the fuck out, in face whole new commentary. Make Bully president, have that all go down and get brooke back down. Tag belts go back to Bad Influence, and we use up and comers who get on gut check matches to move up, sign Sanjay, and have him vs Kenny King (heel) for x division. Keep Ken anderson on the mic as much as devon, and do another team angle vs A&8s, then probably disband by oct/nov. Then, Roode storm, Styles into the xdivision deal, and bad influence in solo titles, hopefully having built tag division up.

    2 great AA/roode vs Bad Influenece before the titles, fuck BVD over and send him out in shame, sign people who deserve it, and move forward with people like angle/sting putting the young talent over.
  3. Bully/Aries/Roode feuding for the WHC. KK as the X Div Champ. BI as the tag champs. Joseph Park as the TV champ.
  4. - Impact in Hammerstein Ballroom
    - Slammiversary or BFG in the UK
    - Daniels and Morgan World Title reigns
    - lengthy Aries and Roode tag title reign
    - RVD losing the X Title ASAP
    - fire RVD, Chavo and Anderson
    - bring back Crimson, Gunner and Silva
    - hire a couple of new Knockouts

    And of course good ratings and crowds.
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  5. :why:
    Chavo unifying the titles.
  6. But Chavo is facing the Rock at WM, bro.:mad2:
  7. Chavo vs Jeff Hardy vs Rock vs Taker .
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  8. Pretty much this. Also, make the woman tag-team titles mean something. I'd get Rosita and Sarita back as soon as possible, they're great talent.

    I'd push Mrs Teshmacher (KO Champion) as the face of the Knockouts division. I'd also have Velvet Sky and Mickie James as secondary faces of the Knockouts division. I'd have Tara, (hire back) Angelina Love, Rosita and Sarita as heels.

    I'd make Rosita and Sarita the woman's tag-team champions. Who feuds them for the championships? A proper woman tag-team from the indies.
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  9. Looks like I'm one of the few fans of Anderson on here.
  10. Then make a thread about him. Oh shit, wait....:mad2:
  11. :dawg:
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