What is your earliest memory of watching the WWE

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  1. My earliest memory of watching the WWE is when Hillbilly Jim came out of the crowd to save Hulk Hogan from getting his hair cut by Ken Patera ,Big John Studd and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan. Way back in 1984

    Another early memory is when The Rocker début

    What are your earliest memories of watching the WWE ?
  2. this isnt a lot to go on.. but its my first wwf memory.. i know memories can be different from what happened.. but i think i remember kane choke slamming someone into the fireworks pit .. cant find it on youtube >.> not sure if it ever happened or not
  3. Rey Mysterio interrupting an Edge/Vickie Guerrero love celebration or something, going for some seated senton on Edge, who ducks and then Rey hits Vickie, who was in a wheelchair. I laughed a lot.
  4. When CM Punk turned heel by cashing in on Jeff Hardy after he won the WHC from Edge in a ladder match.
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  5. Big Show vs Taker. :true:

  6. find video!

  7. Could watch this all day..
  8. I remember the night I started watching WWF was the night after the 1997 Royal Rumble when Bret Hart quit but then he came back and brawled with Austin after Austin cut a promo.

  9. __________

    Who else gets their own theme and Titantron at their wedding =D
  10. I genuinely can't remember. I know Austin was there.
  11. This:

    But I stopped after 2 weeks (Blame me, I'm still in 4rd grade at that time!), so I consider this my first memory:

  12. the shawn michaels barbershop incident... he was my favourite then and still is
  13. The first match I watched was, I believe, in 1999, in 4th grade. Triple threat for the WWE Title, HHH, Big Show, and the Rock.

    But the moment that really got me re-interested was the epic swanton onto Orton in 2008.
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  14. not my earliest i cant remember mine but Cenas Debut match
  15. :finger: You copied me! Coincidence my ass. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Jk.

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