What is your exercise of choice?

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  1. Can't believe we've not had this thread yet.

    Anyway, when you exercise (if you do), what do you prefer to do? Gym work outs? Cycling? Jogging? Swimming? List them.

    Mine are: swimming, football, gym, boxing, and jogging. I want to get back into free running and tennis, but I don't really have the time to do it atm. Tennis is pretty useless for fitness though unless you play it intensively and often. I wouldn't say useless, but yeah, it's more for personal enjoyment.

    Looks like a lot but I wouldn't say so. Swimming unfortunately is only once a week as the indoor pools here have a strict opening routine (since it's the only good one, schools etc. always use it), and we rarely get hot enough weather to swim in the sea. Football is only twice (training and match - no matches atm). Boxing is twice a week, gym & jogging much more.
  2. Biking and walking. That's about it really.
  3. Swimming (although its been about a year, finally getting another gym pass next month, endless pool ftw) Jogging (was a runner back when and while im not a good sprinter, i still enjoy a nice 3-5 mile run once in a while) and Pushups (got the perfect pushups, most of the soreness from doing them ends up in my core area, which is a great feeling)
    are my 3 favorites. I never got into weights as much, but i do also love biking, im excited to go in the trails next week for a full day and see what i can do.
  4. I walk three hours every night at the pace of about 3.5 to 4.0 mph. Not all at once, of course, I try to separate my walking into either one hour or ninety minutes at a time.
  5. Jogging. Needed an escape from the grind when work and school was cracking down on me and running was a great way to gather my thoughts. Now I jog/run roughly 5km 5 days a week.
  6. Mostly through playing sports.
  7. For me I do various gym workouts, biking, and walking.
  8. I play football to get my exercise.
  9. Gym, soccer and swimming. Sometimes I play baseball, but that may be once or twice every 6 months.
  10. Running, Football and Gym.

    Football is less often but Gym is almost every day and running maybe 3 times a week. Can't do anything at the minute though which is killing me.
  11. sweet fa lol im too lazy but ive always wanted to do boxing though
  12. Hiking,swimming,and,football are the three I do most often,but, I've been trying to get in some Jui Jitsu classes.
  13. Do drinking and smoking count?
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  14. Playing football, hockey and floorball. Also going to the gym three times a week.
  15. Walking, biking, or playing basketball.
  16. Masturbating.
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    Jogging, swimming, volleyball, badminton. Taking up basketball and thinking about going biking. :emoji_wink:

    Edit: Dancing is an exercise. So yeah, dancing! :emoji_grin:
  18. Sitting down on my computer all day, having no life. You guys should try it one day! It's fun.
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  19. I watch a lot of sports + pro wrestling, so I'm hoping there is some sort of osmosis effect at work and I'm getting some vicarious workouts in. Otherwise, N/A
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  20. Well I'm the little hipster douche who's all "Well, I refuse to buy a car, so I can be forced to walk places and exercise and shake my fist at all the 'murricans that laugh at me on the way, when really I'm the one with the last laugh! Muhahahahaha", but really when said walking place is normally Taco Bell does it really count?

    (Otherwise what D'Z said)
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