what is your favorite gimmick (special stipulation) match?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. ??????????
  2. Ladder matches are always fun
  3. TLC, Steel Cage, Ladders and Ironman.
  4. Backyard wrestling matches with Frank the Jock :russo:

    My favorite is empty arena match.
  5. What are you doing here?
    You should be preparing for our US title match :pity:
  6. I don't need to prepare, I can win after taking a long hard shit. :yes:
  7. TLC followed by HIAC.
  8. TLC, Ladders, Iron Man and Elimination chamber
  9. Destroying someone confident is always better than someone weak and desperate.:pity:
  10. Naw it's more fun when they are weak, since everybody pretty much compared to me.
  11. Steel Cage, with the escape rules intact. Ladder match is a close second.
  12. Then it won't be fun for you I'm afraid :smug:
  13. HIAC before the PPV began
  14. +1
  15. I absolutely loved the Championship Scramble match the one time it was done.

    Show Spoiler
    mostly because THE Brian Kendrick was declared the WWE Champion for a good 5 min
  16. Yea I liked it too, I think they should make a Gimmick PPV that revolves around it, just like Unforgiven 2008.
  17. 12:47

  18. EC, TLC, the Scramble was also pretty nice.
  19. Hell in A Cell.
  20. My favorite stipulation match is falls count anywhere. It might not seem like much compared to all these other stipulations. but when it's utilized correctly it's always a good match. Back when the hardcore title was still around the falls count anywhere matches were pretty good because the matches would actually take place outside of the ring. I always loved it when the superstars went to the backstage area. I'm sure the crowd wasn't all two pleased about it cause they have to watch it on the tron, but for sitting at home it was good. Wish the WWE stage setup wasn't so delicate so there could be more spots involved with the stage like there used to be.
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