What is your favorites Xbox 360 Game?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Come at me @[Randy Savage] :otunga:

    I'll start out by saying MW3, Skyrim V, GOW3, GTA IV, AC.

    Go ahead and list yours. :boss:
  2. Assassins Creed (any of them), GTA (any of them) and Fifa 12.
  3. Can't wait for GTA V.
  4. Hell yeah, it's apparently going to be be similar to San Andreas and Vice City. Going to be so freaking good.

    Forgot to mention "Prototype" here - one hell of a game.
  5. Arkham city and Arkham Asylum were both great in my opinion.
  6. don't play though game!
  7. I have Arkham city. Stuck on a mission right now. <.<

    It's a good game also and compared to other Batman games, this one is great.
  8. PS3 game are too much! I own have Madden 12, WWE 12, Bleach Soul R., and Naruto the frist 1! I just my PS3 last Summer and that alot of money plus 3 $60.00 us dollars which is alot and then a $20.00. I not guy who going to piss money on 60.00 game when I know some off then are going to go down paid like 3 month later!
  9. You poor. Xbox 360 has those games or more than PS3 does. :boss:
  10. Xbow 360 SUCK! U have paid to play online that RETARD! U already payinng for online then u have to paid for to play online in a video game BOLD S****!
  11. So? You mad you have no money to pay online? Don't worry, Xbox 360 is only for people who can afford to pay for the full gaming experience. Xbox 360 Online is so much better than PS3's online.
  12. NO ITS NOT! And yes I am poor would it to u? NOT EVERYONE IS BORN WITH MONEY!
  13. Yes it is.

    Xbox Live has

  14. Xbox online is so much better than PS3. I have a PS3, sure it's free, but it sucks so hard online with their "community". Xbox UI is so much nicer too.
  15. I'm loving all these new apps they've added recently.
  16. well can't paid more bills! and the xbow controar are hossiable anyway!
  17. This is horrible?

  19. [​IMG]
  20. NO I WILL NOT!
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