What is your favourite PPV and why

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  1. You know that I'm a really big fan of the annual summerslam event and this year it's the " 25th anniversary of summerslam" and it's my favourite ppv. So tell me guys what's your favourite ppv and the reason for that ppv being your favourite one!!
  2. TLC or royalrumble
  3. TLC. Great PPV in 2010 and 2009, good last year. It brings consistent quality.
  4. Cyber Sunday. I really like that PPV. #BringitBack
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  5. Wrestlemania tbh, the buzz that always surrounds it can make a craptacular card feel special.
  6. HHH vs Kevin Nash says hello.

    WM and Royal Rumble
  7. Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania are the only two that I really look forward to every year (the RR only for the Rumble match.) My favorite wrestling PPV of all time would have to be Wrestlemania 17, for obvious reasons.
  8. Ryder vs Ziggler says hello back. So does the triple-threat title match and the Daniel Bryan cash-in. Good show, far from great.
  9. Ryder/Ziggler was far from good :S. Can't remember the triple threat title match. DB cash in at the time was lame since DB was a face right?

  10. I thought the match was good tbh, Zack sold his desperation well and Dolph played his role excellently. Plus the crowd bummed off Zack, which sold it further. The triplethreat was Punk / Miz/ Del Rio which again was good, beyond the shitty handcuff spot.
  11. At the time I was a die hard Ryder fan. The match wasn't bad, but I wouldn't list it in my must watch matches of the year. Far from good, far from bad. Feud needed more build. To be honest, Ziggler/Ryder did a better job at promoting the feud than WWE did if I remember rightly.
  12. Great match, hater.

    WM for me as well even though is never lives up to the hype.
  13. Shh troll.
  14. Extreme Rules 2012 because all the matches were enjoyable, Brock Lesnar wrestled, and I went there live.

    I was marking my tits off during that match. And Big Sexy even took some bumps. It wasn't a 5 star classic or anything but I loved it.


    1.) I think they mean PPV in general, not a specific single PPV.
    2.) Can you please remove me from your fave 5? I'm embarrassed to be listed with morons like Mike or Silky Cocks
  16. I don't have one.
  17. Then I'll put you in my hall of fame :jeritroll:
  18. Went back and rewatched that match, not as good as I remembered.
    Had very low expectations going in because of Zack Ryder's suckdom.
  19. The only thing I remember about that match is Ziggler selling that Rough Ryder like a boss. Plus, I thought that the US title was going to mean something at least for a while after that... I was wrong.
  20. Pretty much this. The crowd made it and at the time as a proud Ryder fan I was enjoying the push.

    Nash v HHH was horrid and as soon as Weak Quads left the better.
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