What is your ideal Wade Barrett?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zach, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. In terms of theme, appearance, title scene, in ring wrestling style?

    I like his End of Days theme.
    I wish he had the same body as before but has his wrestling (hes bulked up, i think)
    Want him in the WHC scene.
    I like his old wrestling style better.
  2. Nexus theme
    Can't comment on the wrestling atm
    Prefer his current look
    Want him as WWE Champion
  3. This.

    That Nexus theme was awesome, I really liked it. I would want him as WWE champion only because their are better people for him to feud with.
  4. Can I pick my own Theme? If so shock of the lightning by oasis.
    Current look
    I love his elbow finisher and the boxing stance, just a bit more rough and tumble grappling Is needed imo, a less defined version of Brock's style if you will.
    WWE champ as a heel in a feud with tweener punk.
  5. End of Days.
    His new style is OK but I don't want him using that finisher.
    Current look.
    Beating the crap out of Sheamus could be OK I think, but there's no room.
  6. Current Barrett..

    This stuff fits him like a perfect wedding dress.

    He personifies the exact gimmick he is trying to sell. An English brawler. The wristbands, the low detailed trunks, the fighting stance, THE NEW FINISHER who rocks for him, all.

    Great choice on bringing him back like this, I like this Barrett more than the previous one.
  7. I just think his new finisher is to similar to Kassius Ohno's... but I believe that's not relevant.
  8. Lolno, dudes not even close to being a fake camera man at a WWE even atm..


    Who's finisher? BARRETT'S FINSHER! :tough:
  9. Yeah, I guess.
  10. It's a threat to Kassius' whole gimmick of "obsessing about knocking you out". It's just terrible booking by WWE.
  11. He ain't getting over atm imo..
  12. The special people at Stamford should clash those two after an obsessive KO build, how great would it be if they took turns knocking out Slater with his GOAT selling to one up each other?
  13. Toshi sold it like gold imo.. Looked like it hurt as hell.
  14. Yeah, Yoshi sold it nicely. On some backstage interview on Fallout he was still selling it.
  15. Hot and dominant.
  16. ^ladyboner 24/7. Seriously want him to do his promos how he wants. This is why TNA > wwe. :true:
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  17. Give him End of Days back and just make him a no-nonsense asskicker. Simple.
  18. This.
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