What is your opinion on the instant replay?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 20, 2013.

  1. They used this new thing last night during the Swagger/Del Rio match and I am not a fan at all. It ruins any potential inventive dirty endings, and almost makes the referee null. Furthermore, it creates so many plotholes now.

    How about you?
  2. Makes sense in real life but I can see where it could ruin the use of dirty endings on a scripted wrestling show. But it's not like a consistent thing, they pick and choose what rules they choose to implent at any given time anyway, so it's cool to bring out every once and awhile. (Kind of like having the foot on the rope when you're eating a pinfall... sometimes the referee restarts the match because he missed it, sometimes he says tough shit and keeps his decision final.)
  3. I don't understand how it's cool to bring out once in a while. That annoys me even more. In kayfabe terms, why would a wrestler be happy with losing dirty when this technology is clearly available? Sometimes, whole feuds can depend on these endings, which means all of those could have been avoided using this technology.
  4. They've done this plenty of times before, just with the titantron.
  5. So bad. As you've said how can any heel win dirty now, the face will just be like 'uhh, use replay to check bro, it happened at Extreme Rules"

    but of course that won't happen, it will just wind up being a one time thing, which makes it all the more inexcusable. It was instantly in my top 3 worst finishes of the year thus far, along with Rock/Punk at RR and Swagger at the EC.
  6. I remember them doing it with the titantron, but that doesn't seem quite as cringe worthy. Bad, yes. The worst? nah.
  7. They have been more the referee seeing it in the corner of his eye and paying attention to it. That in itself is still retarded, but it's a more bite-size level of retarded that is easy to digest. This instant replay is like swallowing concrete.
  8. I edited my post before seeing this one. What about when the ref sees someone's foot on the rope after they've been pinned and then restarts the match? Do you hate those endings, too?
  9. I don't see any difference in the two. Maybe the ref was an NFL fan, and since he never got accepted, he wanted to do an instant replay. I have no care for it, personally I caught it funny.
  10. Nah, much more acceptable. I dislike dusty finishes as a whole, but some are a lot worst than others. Last night was as bad as it gets.
  11. They did make a point of questioning it a little on commentary. Maybe they'll brush it off as only happening because a second referee came out to argue the result which doesn't always happen.
  12. Crayo and I don't always agree on things, but when we do, it is safe to assume that we are right.

    Survey says: That shit was disgustingly bad.
  13. I like the cleverness, but don't think it'll be used again. Just another case of WWE hoping the fans forget and having a meaningless/clever finish (see Miz vs Orton, TLC 2010) and us being too smart/dedicated for our own good.
  14. We must have differing definitions on the word 'clever'
  15. Mine's "holy shit a relatively innovative finish in a WWE match for the first time in forever!" You?
  17. I don't see anything innovative about a dusty finish.
  18. Fucking stupid.
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  19. Well, it makes 0 sense doesn't it? That's why WWE's doing it.
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  20. Hence the use of "relatively". When's the last surprising/dusty finish we've had in WWE? This feels fresh even though it isn't.

    Damn, even throwing in a compliment while ripping WWE is too kind with you guys
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